The Big & Official Blivande Documentary film Recommendations Thread!

I thought it would be nice to have something like this on the forum. Just add your recommended dox with some short description/synopsis and ideally a link to where it can be seen or downloaded.

Linnéa and I are in the midst of watching a great documentary on SVT Play right now about the growing American movement around The Satanic Temple. Quite funny and inspiring actually!

In some ways it’s close to the founding ideas and aspirations of Syntheism and the Node, although satanism per se is much easier to work with conceptually in the context of the U.S. They are basically atheists (or syntheists…) using religion in a metamodern (or Alan Wattsian before that) sincere irony type of way. With genuine, loving relationship and positive change in society as a side effect. It’s very contemporary and internetzy activism.

Watch it here: Hail Satan?

Thought of you @rogerb


Love this thread and so far the documentary. Please share more as you find them.

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I’m gonna go ahead and recommend two docs that really transformed me:

“The Act of Killing” and “Big River Man”.

If you can’t find them online, ping me here and I’ll send them to you. :heart:


The Act of Killing:

Big River Man:


I found this under the Microsolidarity page and quite interesting to listen to. Good reminder for us all.