Textiles Workshop (Room Number 4)


Great stuff, @AnjM!

Any and all help with recruitment is always welcome! Great if you host some evenings in the coming months.

When it comes to painting of the room I can help out with that if you take lead on all the design decisions such as choice and purchase of color etc. Hopefully others here will want to join in as well!

Check out http://www.wermlanddesertplants.se/ for the best place to order cacti from in Sweden.

I have an extra laptop (Macbook Air) that is only 2 years or so. But it was damaged at BL and needs a new motherboard and some other fixes. Estimated repair costs of around 6 KSEK. If Tau wants to pay for the repairs then I could donate it to the space.

@Sero still has the company card from an earlier purchase last week but he will bring it back later today so it will be available in the house. You could pick it up tomorrow.



Things I believe we could source/already have: (@Linnea )
Paper Scissors
A pair of cheaper (IKEA?) fabric scissors.
Ironing board.
A roll of thick cardboard paper.

@brooks or @Jan_vL whenever you are available perhaps we can look into a second hand Overlocker or alternatively I could purchase it from Sycenter, we would be going above budget by 2K SEK for a brand new one.

We are close to getting to the stage of setting the room up. Some things need to be hung on the walls, the place can be painted, etc.
I don’t want to take creative license on decorating, so if you have any ideas we could do something… I do think it makes a difference, but here I would be happy for someone to take lead or share their ideas if they want.

I am here to ensure that things are in their place, the room is fully equipped and ‘user-friendly’. :slight_smile: And we are getting very very close to that.


Hej AnjM,

was under the radar travelling abroad. Also travelling 19-28 April. 2k above budjet does not seem too bad. What does @hugi say?

When do you want to meet at Tau and start setting things up?


Ladies, gentlemen, beings.
@Jan_vL if you are around and feel like hanging out? Haven’t seen you in a while, and looking forward to hearing about these travels of yours (I hope it’s a holiday…).

Let’s reactivate this ship. I am intending to be in after work 6 onwards at Tau starting 6th May. My intention is to work on the Textiles Room, but I am also available to help with other tasks around the space.

I realised I am pressed for time for larger scale projects, but if anyone needs a demo on the sewing machine or short tasks to be assisted with I am also there, lurking, probably in the painting room if I am not in the textiles workshops.


Oh, great that you find more time for Tao. I will take a big shovel and also make some free time. Wednesdays I usually meet Melina and we are working on our project for Borderland. Soon we will try to involve others from Tao and Blivande :wink:

I think Friday evening I can come to Tao! Just some days ago I bought a dress to work on for Borderland. I will bring it on Friday, maybe you can give me some advice…


Nice! I’ve been sick the last week and it’s sticking to me. Never made it out the house today. High temperature so going to see the doc. Effin’ annoying.
But I hope I can recuperate by Wednesday. Flu shouldn’t last for a month.
Looking forward to seeing what you are working on! See you.


@Linnea and I just spent some time fixing the textile room. See photos!



We now have 3-phase power installed in the textile room and have successfully test run Olle’s sewing machine!