Textiles Workshop (Room Number 4)


Fair enough.

The only projects I predict are ones towards Borderland/this summer (@Jan_vL?) and running workshops around that. As @brooks suggested, it could be a popular space for members and also burners overall interested in costume making, which could be a course/workshop one could run for both members and the public in the summer for example. And make gains from that. May be this summer we can test a workshop with the hopes of making it a recurring event. Also testing how popular or not this actually is!
(Mental note: may be take a survey of what people want to learn or do.)
This mayyyy be over-ambitious for the first year or could be done in phases, scaled to what we can manage right now with what we have.

I think we are going to have a meeting soon and discuss workshops, etc. etc. to have a clear idea of what we need now and what we can get later, according to what we plan to do in the near future.

Also depending on how rapidly we want to grow, I guess there is always the matter of attracting people to Tau/Blivande. And needless to say we would do that better by securing machines and spaces that convince people they want to work on their projects in the studio with good machines versus at home with household machines or elsewhere.

That’s just my thinking.

Of course I see the logic to hold back and observe at this stage what actual tools we may need when there is demand for them - with current membership numbers and interest I agree that one sturdy machine is enough, no argument.
And then if we can secure Olle’s machine in a few months, that is great.

I hope we can scale it to 3 machines just for ease of running workshops and working on more than one project but I can agree that this is more of a long term ambition. But I would like to be proactive and spark that interest, so people are aware of the possibilities, so to speak.

We won’t be purchasing anything today. I will get estimates and I think we can reach some sort of ‘growth’ plan next week, and plan machines accordingly.

If we do try running workshops I think end of April/May/June could be organised. I imagine we could secure Olle’s machine before then (?) and if not, we can plan around that: we could use the machine @Linnea has and organise into small groups/sessions (I think they will be small anyway).


We could try out Olle’s machine already next week, I’ll fix a cable for us to plug into the basement. Would you have time for that? It’s crucial that you would enjoy using it.

What about you @Ollxor? Do you have the next week after office hours?

Anji, I didn’t really consider that you were planning courses in just a few months time, if so then by all means please ignore me and buy the 2-3k semi-industrial machine already today if you have a model in mind that fits on a table and is of stowable size.

It makes perfect sense that 3 is a minimum number of machines to not have too long waiting time for course participants and it’s not so much money in the bigger picture. Tau in general needs some fully operational rooms to build up momentum and activity/presence.

I mainly wanted to chime in to avoid a situation where we would have two machines the size of Olle’s before it had been vetted/ruled out since we likely wouldn’t have space for both long-term and it’s a quick job to plug it in temporarily to assess it.


We could get a semi-industrial which means they’re the ones that don’t come with their own table so they are very much movable/storable.

I am free next week evenings after 18:00.

If it is difficult for @Ollxor to make it then if we get the name and model of the machine I can look it up and familiarise myself with it, no problem.

With regards to a summer workshop/course: I will try put the idea out there and get a sort of trial/focus group and see what happens…fieldwork first.
So, non urgent to get a ‘workshop’-grade machine.


No sorry
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@Jan_vL , @brooks , @hugi , @hampus

Updated after yesterday’s visit to the Sycenter.
We actually fit pretty well within budget, mayyyy be predicted 2-3K extra could be required after we tick everything off the list. If you have any comments or questions about the sum and purchases, tell me. We can clarify things and adjust.

Next steps would be:
Decide on future workshops or plans.
Source the remaining few things off the list.
Make a plan for machine purchase accordingly (depending on need/urgency).
Set up.


That looks like a clear plan. Looks like you have found both a sewing machine and overlocker which suits our needs. Do you have any objections or do you think we can move on and buy them now?


I don’t have the knowledge nessecary to have objections. If you’re both happy with the plan, go for it.


The way I read the spreadsheet you want to buy ~27-29k SEK worth of misc. items. ASAP, not counting the machines.

Then there is a short term and a long term plan listed, where the long term plan (involving costs around 10-20k SEK?) rests on the evaluation of Olle’s machine (which I will make sure happens within a week from now).

No objections from me!


The budget suggested for now was approx. 30K.
I’ve included the cost of the already purchased Husqvarna (24000) in that main spreadsheet.
Without it, I suggest we ASAP purchase materials that adds up to the cost of 2000 (with additional absolute maximum predicted 1000 for items I have not yet sourced.)
That would ‘leave’ us 4000 SEK.

If Olle’s machine can become a permanent fixture in the textiles room, I suggest we plan long term to purchase an overlocker and another extra très good machine (if we see the need).
Jan is looking into screenprinting materials. I don’t think they will be that expensive.

Depending on whether we want to paint the room, I have not added the costs of the cosmetics so to speak.


@brooks suggested a meeting beginning of April. He is out of town for now. Let’s meet and set up a proper plan. I can explain the spreadsheet or idea for now if something is unclear.

If we reach a consensus by the beginning of April we can purchase things.
In the meantime let’s try sourcing what is left on the list (highlighted in red)? :slight_smile:


Ah right! I thought all machine costs were moved to the second tab (and am answering from an on-going and slightly tedious annual general meeting so a bit distracted). These small sums are an absolute no-brainer, just do it! No need to wait for other members’ approval really as Hugi has been pointing out, you’ve done and presented enough research as it is.

@hugi what’s our preference in terms of processing payment such as these? Invoice whenever possible and if not direct card payment using the Blivande debit card (+receipt of course!)? Could merit a separate thread.



Note that we need to get the Transforma payment from the Node soon to be able to afford all these upcoming expenses.


@hugi , @hampus Let me know once you decide how you want to proceed with regards to the 2K payment.


If it’s possible for us to sign up for a company account and get it on an invoice, that’s what we should do.
Otherwise, if they have a webshop that we can pay in and then pick up the order, do that.
If not, we will have to use the company card. I’m not in town this week, so check with @hampus.


From my understanding they (Sycenter) don’t have the choice of setting up a company account. I can call them tomorrow and double check.

Last time we spoke to them, what we got for a response was:
They need a private person who is responsible/liable for paying in instalments over 12 months, if we want. This will come at no extra cost.

They do not have a webshop.
We could research into alternatives but my Swedish is subpar as ffffuhhhhh-k (shameless) so I am not the best person to do this effectively.


Ok, I’m that case the best option would be to go with the company card and buy it over the counter.


Just let me know when you wish to borrow the card to do this. We also have a car at Blivande again now.


@brooks and I had a productive discussion today. I’ll segment it for clarity.

We agreed that the Husqvarna overlocker is not sufficient to cover an actual overlocker machine.
Counting all other expenses, we have an extra 3-4K available within our 30K budget.
A regular (we could search for a second hand here too @brooks ?) machine costs 6K. As mentioned, we could source a second hand one.
There is another machine option called Babylock, but it is twice as expensive.
In the long term it would be very-times-10 suited for us because it adjusts to the thickness of a fabric when there are multiple users/different projects and is much easier to thread: the advantage is that a regular overlocker is difficult to thread for a regular user and if someone messes up or say, uses a very different fabric thickness after somebody else, it might stop production for that day as someone would have to re-thread it. And that is not an easy task.
I think perhaps the Babylock could be a future investment, and for now we can buy either a used or new Overlocker (6K) which means we exceed our budget by 2K. In some time, we can sell the overlocker and buy a Babylock. Prices are outlined in the Excel doc. that I made. @hugi, please advise.

We need to make this room look cool and magical, so that people want to come back and feel inspired doing their projects.
We want to make this room operational mid-May (explained in later segment) so we really need more members to step up and help out with painting and decorating.
I’m thinking cacti on the window ledges. Because why not. I also saw a peculiar colour from a photo showed to me by a colleague when he was visiting a castle in North India.
This can be fun.
Really lacking extra hands here.

On behalf of Tau, could we reach out for donations?
The most ambitious one is if anyone has a spare laptop, so that people can upload their embroidery files onto that.
Other welcome donations are toys to be recycled as pin cushions.
If we make a list of items people might have, would it be possible to reach out to the community and ask?

As above mentioned, we need a few more people to help out with the set-up, if possible.
We want to launch the space mid-May. Reason being:
@hugi, @hampus, Brooks and I think it would be an idea to offer ‘summertime’ memberships/access at a price, present this to the community engaging in various festivals/ art projects/burns this summer. We can mention this would be a great way to support Blivande and also get trials of how the textiles rooms can be best put to use and just get more exposure. And help people out with their projects.
I volunteer to spend a few weekends or evenings tutoring or helping with costume/etc. making. We need this momentum, I believe. Thoughts?

I am also going to work on a basic training manual, LNT, rules, etc. as a prerequisite to using the room. @Jan_vL something you could help me out with if you are free?

Last thing. Thinking of doing the shop for the 2-3K necessities soon. @hampus are you still on a Wednesdays schedule at Tau so I could borrow the card from you or?


Hej AnjM, let me know when you have time. I might be able to meet some monday eve, except next mo I am abroad.


Go ahead. Approved, if you want to make that decision.

Brooks and I talked about this tonight, and I think it’s a good idea. We just have to figure out the details.