Textiles Workshop (Room Number 4)


@Ollxor I have experience on industrial Pfaff machines and Brother machines.
We do have to keep in mind that this workshop will also be used by people who have no experience too though.


@hugi, @Jan_vL, @brooks.

I thought about it. There are two very clear areas - I predict at least - in which the workshop will be used:
By this I mean actually creating fabric, working on fabric surfaces, material design.
Here we could aim to (long term) cover weaving (purchase a loom), printmaking, embroidery, quilting. The Husqvarna can cover the embroidery and quilting functions.
It is also a very decent sewing machine.
The cons of a multi-function advanced machine is of course debatable ease of usability for beginners, complexity, servicability. Also despite claims that it can sew through anything and everything I would still invest in a second machine that has been very specifically designed for more heavy duty work.

Sewing fabrics together, garments, etc.
Here we need a good, heavy duty semi industrial that will withstand the bashings of multiple projects and use by both professionals and beginners. An investment, much as the Husqvarna is an investment.
Juki TL-2000Qi seems to fit the bill.
However, due to the current budget restrictions, I do think we should get the Husqvarna and then purchase a Singer 4452 for example, which is only about 3K SEK compared to us long term aiming for a machine that is usually in the range of 10-15K SEK.
I read some reviews, read them until they were oozing out of my ear canals, and everyone is rather pleased by this Singer 4452.
Also I still think it’s a good investment. When we have the opportunity, we will get a sturdier more long-term semi industrial heavy dury goliath to match the Husqvarna and this Singer 4452 will still be of use to us. The reviews all point towards that.

This is my suggestion at least.


Ok, so we seem to be reaching an agreement to go have a look at the Husqvarna Viking. @brooks, are you on that? Maybe @AnjM wants to join?

Could you say something about how this would compare to the machine @Ollxor is willing to lend to the Tau? It’s the machine that is already at Tau, next to the exit door we are not using.

If we install three-phase power (which we will), I think this is functional. Could it meet the same needs as the Juki TL-2000Qi?


Did you go have a look at what do buy @AnjM and @Jan_vL?


Booked a meeting with a specialist on the 22nd of March at 17:00 to speak about machines and make a cost assessment of all the things we want to buy alltogether. They have a person they recommended who could sit down and talk us through that.

It was mentioned we could get a better price deal if we buy in bulk: need to confirm.

With regards to purchasing as a company:

They need a private person who is responsible/liable for paying in instalments over 12 months, if we want. This will come at no extra cost.

@brooks and myself also had a look at the Husqvsrna. We want to get it. Brooks will bid 22K for it.


This is great news. I can be that person.

Also great news. Let me know when I need to pony up the cash.


Thank you Anjali for keeping us updated in such a transparent way! What you write sounds reasonable. I think it is time to take action and buy.


It wasn’t an easy negotiation but we ended up at 24k for the machine, and I’ve said yes on our behalf. It’s in excellent condition and comes with a lot of extras. I’ve asked how Thy would prefer us to pay for it.


Malin has donated some fabric and stuff to Tau, and has also lent us her mannequin and small loom!

Malin: I donated some fabrics, tread and other textile stuff to the textile studio. Let me know if they are not wanted and I will take care of them. I also put my mannequin and small loom there for people to borrow. :blush:


Hugi and I picked up the sewing machine yesterday, and it came with a bunch of extras. I think we’re getting really close to having this room operational!!
@AnjM, will you be in town next week? Shall we meet with @Jan_vL sometime and plot our sartorial takeover?


Congrats! Fr 17-18h we are at Stockholm Sycenter. We can fix a seperate date for setting things up and further planning. @AnjM, what do you think?


@Jan_vL @brooks

Friday 17:00 - 18:00 is still on.
This week is busy for me, work related have things to take home and prepare for.
We could meet Friday after 18:00 or the weekend or next week?
…if there is great will to meet this week (before Friday) please go ahead sans moi and if anything comes up that is worth sharing (ideas, plans, actions) please do so. :slight_smile:


Sycenter 22nd at 17:00. (@Jan_vL, @brooks )
I am taking the Excel items list and will speak to someone there who can talk to me about machines and overall cost of other items we want to buy (fabric scissors/rulers/etc).
The aim is to get a cost estimate for everything that we need to buy.

I need some feedback on these points please. :slight_smile:

  1. I will include the cost of a basic overlocker for future reference. I think the overlocker is no longer prio as the Husqvarna seems to have that function. We do need to test the overlocker function on the H. machine and see if it is sufficient.

  2. Depending on the situation with electricity, we have to consider buying a second machine. Or not.
    @hugi @hampus Do you have any estimated time as to when we could get @Ollxor’s machine running to test it out?
    Should we still look into getting a second machine or not?
    Regardless, I will include some price estimates here also. But just a heads up on having to take that decision soon.

Eventually, in the coming weeks (sooner than later), we can paint, refine, decorate and think about the workshops we want to run here, etc.
May be we can combine this with snacks and fun.

2nd or 3rd of April we can have a meeting ( I am free after 6:00 PM if that works @Jan_vL, @brooks ?) We can spread the word in the FB chat if others want to join this also.
That’s all.


Not yet. Wildcard is the landlord, we don’t know how long something like this takes to clear with them.


Then I say we buy a semi industrial now for 3-4K. Will look into it. One machine is not enough to run a workshop, in my opinion at least. This is up for discussion of course plus budget overview. But we can’t have a workshop with just one machine anyway. And 3 machines eventually is better than 2… :slight_smile:


I’m okay with this. Your call! :slight_smile:


Would a normal household one be good enough just to start out with? I know @Linnea has one just taking up space in her bedroom that she presumably would be OK with lending out to Tau for a while. It’s a Huskvarna Viking so at least the same brand/model line… :slight_smile:


Household machines are not good at sewing through thicker seams…but that is so relative to what people will want to use the machines for.

If people want to run textile and project-type experiments, then a household machine would be very limiting or you could force it but it would wear down the machine pretty fast and…I predict needle breaks and thread tension issues, etc.

If people want to sew medium to lightweight fabrics or make some simple things, then a household will totally be fine.

(Note: I am biased because I have been spoiled by semi industrials and industrial machines. I had a household one too and the difference was night and day. But may be that is snobbish.)


Just to continue making it clear, I want you to get what you think we need @AnjM
That’s the most important thing. You’re the boss of this decision. :slight_smile:


Yes, I understand and that’s why it would only be a temporary thing until we have 3-phase installed and can test Olle’s machine. I just think it unlikely that we will often find ourselves in simultaneous need of two strong machines with the current or near future membership numbers. One should cover our needs 95% of the time. And most times when someone else needs to do sewing at the same time a household one would probably at least get the work done, albeit suboptimally.

I wouldn’t argue for it if Malin was an active member, but maybe I’m underestimating the demand. Are you planning a project in the short term that requires two people parallel access to a more sturdier machine?

The second part of the argument is the issue of Olles machine. It takes up quite a lot of space (I have to move it again before next week to give access to a plumber) and we won’t be able to store it long-term if it’s not put to use. As soon as we get power to it, which is just a matter of time/weeks, then we can test it.

Buying a second machine for 3-4k when we potentially have one already for free (and which would cause Olle storage problems if we decide to not use it) is not ideal.

We could speed up this process by plugging it in to the basement 16A with a 10-15 m cable just to try it out one day soon. Would you like to do that?

@elch Do you have a 10-15 m 16A cable we can borrow?