Textiles Workshop (Room Number 4)


We also installed the missing door.


Would normal household type irons be enough? We had two at the old Node, don’t know if they made the move. Can check.


If they’re decent/functional yes absolutely.
I think time and use will show if there is a need for a heavy duty iron.
Usually light to mid weight fabrics work well with a good (!) household iron.
Heavier materials (wool, heavy canvas, etc.) not so much.


@hampus , @MariaEuler and myself did some work in the Textiles Workshop space.
Tables, some storage space and shelf space have been arranged in the room.
We should think about what sewing machine to get: some come with their own ‘table’, some don’t. That will naturally affect the space.
There’s a list of things to do and get which is on the wall in the room- we put up a whiteboard also.



@hugi @hampus

On the whiteboard is a list of things that we could get for the Textiles Room. Here’s a link to a place we could go or order from, I think they have most of what is needed.
How do we go about doing an order- or we/I could go there in person and get stuff?
I can prepare a list and approx. cost but for more expensive purchases such as a sewing machine I think we should agree to which one to invest into and get it soon…

Next up is also lighting and if we want to paint the room.

Let me know what you think and tag whomever else wants to get involved in the decisions and actions.


@brooks didn’t you mention a Husqvarna machine that could be good to look into? Or is my memory failing…


I did. I’d very much like to get involved here. Perhaps a textile room gathering to make decisions and coordinate action?


Yes. How about this Wednesday?


@brooks, @Jan_vL, @hugi and myself had a discussion about the machines and items required to make the room operational + where/how to find places where we can buy this through a company account.

@Jan_vL and myself are planning to go to Stockholm Sycenter (Saturday 9th of March at 13:00 we meet) near Odenplan and inquire about the possibility of setting up a company account and where/if we can achieve this. We will also have a browse and estimate costs, without buying anything. We will come back with our findings and see where we go from there.

I made a list of the items needed, after our discussions this evening. @brooks is looking into the Husqvarna embroidery machine, @Jan_vL plans to find out about screenprinters and I am looking into a heavy duty machine (possible second hand.)


@brooks access should be public and editable now. Let me know if it works.


How do we feel about Blocket @hugi? This thing here is being sold right down the street. Full makerspace CNC sewing kit. This is the one I’ve been working with in the past. 26500.-


We can use Blocket, but sparingly. If this is in good condition and @AnjM and @Jan_vL agree with the purchase, we can go with it. However, spending 26500 on this means that you just have another 13500 tops to spend on the rest of the textile workshop for now.


@brooks What are the specs on fabric handling (ie any info on what sort of fabrics this machine can handle?)
If we make a considered, logical investment into a good heavy duty machine, it will cost us approx 13-14K. A machine with good parts, that can handle not only garment style projects but also heavier fabric, quilting, etc. and that will last us much longer.
We could however burn 3K on a Singer heavy duty for now, can also handle heavy fabrics but it’s a gentler machine, and then invest in something bigger/sturdier later on- because depending on the Husqvarna machine it might still be good to have a straight up simple heavy duty machine.


I don’t know how to distinguish between fabric types and specs. Malin told me that if it’s serviced regularly, it should be good to go. I poked at the seller and they said they still have it on sale and that we could come have a look. Wanna go see it @AnjM?

@Ollxor has a three-phase industrial sewing machines in the other room. I don’t know what the plans for it is, except it would require electrical work. Joannis is looking into that.


@Ollxor would love to know more about what you have in mind for that machine and what its functionality is? Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

@brooks Yeh we should definitely check it out. Whereabouts is it located?


Husqvarna Viking model.
Read some reviews and there seems to be difficulty when it comes to layering pieces of fabrics. So, as I had a hunch, it’s a fancy complex creature but might not be super good at the sturdy stuff: so, no canvas tent projects or complex garment projects with layering, etc. Sceptical there but I guess most people might want it for medium-lighter weight fabrics. Fancy burner costumes and stuff, I don’t know (just teasing.)
I tend to go for military canvas, heavy twill materials etc. so I might struggle with this baby but whatever…we can always invest in an affordable heavy duty straigthforward machine.
Most people say the Husqvarna model is also not for beginners…we’ll have to educate and make good manuals and tutorials otherwise this machine might get killed fast by beginners (yeh, I am Miss Cautious).
Which leads to the important question of how easily this machine can be serviced.
With all this in mind, let’s for sure check it out. Also what is your experience with this machine and what projects did you handle with it @brooks ? :slight_smile:


I think it would be great to have this machine! It would give us the opportunity to sew vector graphic based patterns or images! I could also show you how to convert pixel based images, such as jpg/png, into vector format and maybe generally how to create patterns and vector graphics.

In contrast to a regular sewing machine, this one could also spark more interest in our workshop. For me, apart from the community, having rapid prototyping equipment is a big pull factor.


Could you point at a machine that could do this and complement the Husqvarna Viking?

@AnjM, as you want to run workshops and teach, so it’s really crucial that you get the equipment you want and need. Without weighing for or against this machine, but rather focusing on your own needs, how would you spend 30-40k?


Brooks asked me if my industrial sewing machine is intended for open usage in the space and to make a comment about it here.

Yes, it is intended for use by members.
You will need a quick intro before using it if you do not have earlier experience in this kind of machine. Is there anyone besides me that has experience? Id be happy to instruct more instructors.

The machine needs a “3 fas” power connection to operate. A electrician can fix that, under the rule of blivande.