Textiles Workshop (Room Number 4)


Going to start setting the Textiles Room.

If you have the intention or interest in using this space and have any thoughts or wishes with regards to it, now is the time to voice them.

Initiating this Topic thread and hoping we can get some things done soon.
(NOTE: this will soon be edited with more concrete plans and to-do…)


I havet interest on using a space in the textile room and would like to know if there is free space to rent?


@hugi might be able to help with this question ?


Yes, absolutely. If you become a member, you have access the the textile room and all other rooms, and can join @AnjM in deciding what equipment we should buy for the workshop. Read more here.

Have you visited the space yet?


Amazing! I would expect a textiles workshop to be a really solid contribution for Tau, and a good way in for the burner/BL community to become part, as making costumes is kinda our thing.

When I was part of building the Copenhagen Fab Lab, one of our purchases was a Husqvarna Designer sewing machine that saw a lot of use from casual drop-ins. The real advantage of that machine was how easy it was to embroider designs. Basically all you needed to do was take an image and vectorize it, then strap your clothes into the frame and watch it make 10000 precise stitches in half an hour. I would LOVE to get access to one of those again.

But it does stand to consider whether a semi-expensive machine like that(currently they go for SEK 20K-35K on ebay) is a good fit for the vision of Tau.


A minor update is that the textile room has been moved. See map in current plan thread.


I think it might be. Costumes are perhaps the most popular art-form in this community. If we can lease one, that would be best. See my comment on financials for details.


@hugi @brooks

Fantastic machine. Saw that it also sews through different fabric thicknesses, as thick as leather. A sturdy machine is a good investment.
This can be investigated, surely there might be an option for this to pay in instalments (is that what you mean by lease?). Can also investigate more affordable alternatives. There are a lot of reviews and comparisons on different machines.

Sure an advanced embroidery setting is good, but may be we prioritise less embroidery functions and more durability of the machine, heavy duty (can it sew through fabrics), ease of use, surface…in which case there are plenty of options out there in the market.

But if we can manage the Husqvarna machine…looks amazing !
Long term thinking to fund more machines, etc. it would be interesting to host events and workshops around Tau that go towards funding. I could for example teach basic sewing and the proceeds can go to getting these machines. Excited!


Leasing means that the bank owns the machine until it’s payed off, and accepts the machine as security for the loan. It’s usually only done for large investments of +200k SEK. In this case, since it’s not that much, we’d buy it and pay in instalments.


Thinking I might need help moving this from the textiles room. So that we can set it up and running. Any intentions as to when we want to work on this?
Or are we using this room as storage and setting up a textiles workspace elsewhere?
I am here to help out as much as I can.


Malin ended up putting her stuff there but is moving it this week. After that, we can start working on this room.


Malin is exhausted, but we are allowed to move all of her stuff to the room next to the wood workshop, which probably needs to be emptied first. I think @Linnea and @hampus were talking about scheduling a day with @AnjM (and maybe @brooks) to get this done so that we can start working on the textile room ASAP.


I can help if it’s Thursday before 13:00! Otherwise next week is pretty open for me.


@hugi @brooks
I am free after work every day 16:30 onwards.
This Sunday also works or any weekday(s) next week, but again after 16:30. I’m ready to mobilise and set up within these times.
Of course I understand it may be more convenient for you (@hugi, @brooks, @Linnea and @hampus) to work on this during other hours, then just let me know if I can do anything more, if I miss anything. I’d love to contribute.


I’m usually flexible, but right now I’m in Beirut. :slight_smile:
But lets see what @hampus and @Linnea have to say.


I could definitely put in some time this evening! @AnjM, want to come down today?
Wednesday I’m available in the house until 18:30.
Thursday I’m busy, in the evening but could be here and support @brooks during the day.


Yeh, I can be there today by 17:00.


Hampus, Anji and I have now emptied the textile room!


Malins things are gathered in room 2 until future notice


A potential list of items we may need, discussed here and there already but I will leave a digital trace:

  1. Tables (depth/size wise the two in the room now are suitable).
    Table space both for cutting fabric or assembling patterns/fabric pieces + table space for the sewing machine.
    It was discussed that we have the assembly room (big room with two large table surfaces) if people want to cut fabric/assemble pieces also, but then we have to ensure that at least one surface is always clean from paint/etc.
    Question here: we want one working sewing machine in the textiles room, right? Any reason to have two (one heavy duty/multiple function and another more simple one?). I don’t necessarily see a need for this but will suggest it any way.
  2. Sewing machine.
  3. Overlocker (long term if we want we can look into this. It’s a machine that cleans/binds cut edges of fabric seams. It’s really useful, there are other methods to secure fraying seams but this is common and machines range in price.)
  4. Iron/ironing board.
    A heavy iron would be good to purchase and a surface to iron fabric.
  5. Scissors/fabric scissors/thread unpicker/long ruler/buttons/other.
    May be set some budget for this if possible and we can discuss what we can provide.
    Ideally people will have their own kits with these items, more or less, but who knows.
  6. Shelf space/storage for items.
  7. Bins (recyclable: fabric scraps separate from other trash?)