Testing Blivande Dreams

Blivande Dreams is online!

This software is being lovingly worked on by @gustav as we speak! It’s very much a work in progress that is based on the Borderland Dreams idea. If it freaks out and does weird stuff, report that here and we will have a look at it.

To create projects, you must first request to join the event. First, create an account (actually by “logging in” and then getting an email, not very intuitive right now).

@MariaEuler, could you try creating a Dream in the Frihamnstorget 2020 event and then write a short guide for how to do it? I’m thinking it’s a good idea that you would do it since you’ve not been involved in creating the software and can help us catch any not-so-obvious things that will need extra instructions until they are made easier to use.

We currently have an event set up for Frihamnstorget 2020. This is where we will gather the projects for Frihamnstorget and get an overview of budgets, requirements, sketches, who’s responsible, etc.

Once you have written the guide, we can call on all the current Frihamnstorget co-creators to upload their sketches and budgets.

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Will get on it tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Signing up on pretix for the always-becoming event will also generate an account/membership on the Dreams platform for the Frihamnstorget 2020 event, if one does not already exist. This works since yesterday evening/afternoon, so if you signed up on pretix before that you need to “request to join” on Dreams.

Feedback on the user experience, things that confuse you or are unclear, is much appreciated. I think the ambition for the UX should be pretty high, to get it to a point where it both feels fun and easy to use. There might be some “obvious” things that I can see easily and will fix, but someone else will be able to see a bunch of other stuff that I will completely miss otherwise, so this feedback will be very helpful :slight_smile:

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In this case @MariaEuler, try first getting the ticket with the voucher. I’ve sent it to you by PM in case you missed it. Then log in to Dreams with the same email, to test that.

Write the guide with that workflow in mind. :slight_smile:

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Feedback so far:

I could not input my name during the process, or overlooked it. Was that intentional?

was able to change it after the purchase so

You mean when “buying” the ticket? Or on Dreams?

Buying ticket

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Let’s wait untill I went through the whole process with the drem. will write a proper report afterwards :slight_smile:

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OK, so I am noting down while creating my dream. This is not the guide, but just my general notes which will be a source for feedback and the guide which will follow later.
“Lucid dreaming” so to say :wink:

  1. Buying the ticket:

    • no way to enter my name in the process
    • would be good to have an explanation of the “mini membership” or whatever ticket forms we settle on and link to the dreams, but I guess that can only be added once we decided on the ticket forms and added an explanation to the dreams :slight_smile:
  2. https://dreams.blivande.com/frihamnstorget-2020 >>Latin Loreipsum, I guess this is where an explanation will go.

  3. Go to Login >> enter email >> “magic link sent!”

  4. clicked link in email >> enter a Display name: “Maria” … Choos “frihamnstorget 2020” from 3 options.

  5. more Latin Lore Ipsum. more space for description.

  6. clicked “create dream”

  7. first impression: Input form: “Titel” - check, “Slug”-what’s that? unclear., Summary - generally check, but should have a visible wordlimit., Images- check, Description - Check, Min funding goal check, Max funding goal check, Budget items - check. **kinda would like to have a field to put in something like"collaborators needed", but maybe that’s not how the dreams should work?

  8. Filling in the form:

    • Ok, the “slug” fills in automatically from the title, but still, in that case maybe an unnecessary line?
    • summary has a word limit, but it is not shown.
    • Would be nice to be able to format the description a little bit, some bold text, bullet points things like that.
    • Some more explanation on how min-max funding limit works. >> the budget bellow should just match the min? Should stuff be added like “stretch goal” that is only relevant if the higher goal is reached?
    • can/should artist fees be part of that budget list?
      *How is a container/general space allocated/ budgeted for the festival?
  9. “save” > images are cropped, which makes things neater, but makes it harder to get the right info across. maybe one could decide the cropping area? Just thinking, if maybe someone spends a long time on a sketch and then it does not show properly if not click on?

  10. “publish” >> nothing changed but the listing as “published” I would like to from there get send to the overview of the dreams with this new one listed.

  11. Granting: slightly unclear, (is close right now, so fair enough) but would be good to have an explanation there in the “grant settings”

  12. “Creat dream” leads to a new input form

  13. clicking on “frihamnstorget 2020” sends you to the overview.

  14. Can I share links to my dream this way? https://dreams.blivande.com/frihamnstorget-2020/to-be-we-or-bodyshop-wip

  15. Commented myself: works easy enough.

  16. was able to favorite my own dream.

Wishes :slight_smile: Suggestions. Just ignore if you are too busy, but those are things I felt like I would like to be able to add:
Maybe adding a field for:

  • What do you already have/provide to the project probono?
  • are you searching for collaborators? … how to contact?

  1. What is the next step? Would people allocate funds like in borderland?

  2. Which field in the Dream form are required?


will post the how to guide first draft here tomorrow

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How to dream with PLATO

Dreams with the PLATO project are not about shadows on the wall, but about how to realise your project ideas.
To do so we employ a community crowdfunding system.
You get access to this system via your membership or ticket.
Once you have access to the Dreams platform you can do two amazing things:

  1. Touch other Dreams: You can vote for the dream of other an thuss allocate funds to them. You can also give constructive feedback and encouraging comments.
  2. Create your own Dream: You can set up and publish your own dream to get help, feedback and funds from the community.

Creating your own dream for the Blivande Festival is an easy 3 step process:

  1. Getting access: Get your ticket or membership (if you do not already have it)
    (@hugi…who gets access to dreams? Only festival tickets holders? Blivande members?)

  2. Getting to the Dreams platform: Go to https://dreams.blivande.com/frihamnstorget-2020 :slight_smile:

  • Click “Login”
  • Enter your email address
  • Check your email account for your “magic link” click it and enter the name you want to have on the platform.
  1. Setting up your Dream:
  • Click “create dream”
  • Fill in the “Dream Form”. It will offer you to fill in the following (if you do not already have all of that figured out, don’t worry, you can edit your dream later on):
    • Titel
    • 1-sentence summary
    • Upload Images to illustrate your Dream
    • A Description of your idea/Dream/project
    • A minimal and maximal funding goal
    • You can fill in specific budget items
  • Click “save”
  • Is your Dream ready to be shared with others? Note that dreams are always work in progress, so you do not have to have everything polished to 100% before you share it, however, try to put yourself in “not your shoes”. Can somebody else understand what you want to do with the information you are providing? If yes, click “publish” in the upper right corner of your form.
  1. You are a Dreamer!
  • Click on “Frihamnstorget 2020” on the upper left side to get to the Dream overview.
  • admire, favourite and comment on the existing dreams
  • Or create another Dream by clicking "create dream"
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I was thinking to make a “dream input station” during the work&play dates.

I could set-up with a laptop outside on frihamnstorget (if we have wifi there by now) and people could come and sit there with me for 10-15 minutes to setup their first dream drafts. This way we could get some of the ongoing not so platformophil projects “on the grid”?
People would just need to forward their email with the “magic link” and we could start filling stuff in :).

Great feedback @MariaEuler! :slight_smile:

Good point. I’m thinking maybe we should just use the generated id of the dream instead of a custom slug. With a “slug” based on the title, you might want to change it later if your title changes etcetera, but that would also break existing links to that Dream. An ID would remain the same all the time and would be one less field to think about…

Will add this.

I recently added markdown support as a first step, a proper rich text editor would be nice too, but should at least add a reference to some markdown markup.

I’ve now fixed the min/max funding goals to be calculated based on the budget items. And there is now a setting on the event/fund to allow stretch goals, to show an optional max field for every budget item.

It’s on the todo to make the funding guidelines accessible from where you add your budget.

Good point. Deciding the cropping area could be something. It feels especially relevant for the cover photo, but for the other photos that you click to open, do we want them square or original crop as standard? I’m king of leaning towards just showing them in their original ratio, not square cropped.

On the todo to add positive budget fields for “pre-existing funding”

Yes, this feels pretty important! As a side note, we’ve discussed adding support for custom fields/questions, where as a fund admin you can add whatever questions you want that Dream creators can or need to answer, but this feels like a question/field that would be relevant for a lot of most funds, and thus we can give it a bit nicer UX than a “custom question” would allow

I guess we should have somewhere something that explains the “Dreams” platform/process :smiley:

Yeah, I’m planning to redo the Dream form a little bit, to make the “Add new dream” step very minimal, just requiring a title, and from there your dream is created and you can add piece by piece in a more iterative manner.

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I would lean towards that as well.

Will work on that today.

Copy for the how to guide and the different pages will be addressed Monday afternoon I think :slight_smile:

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Hi Gustav, cool platoform! thank you!
my feedback is that if i upload a photo with a good resolution it makes it very blurry, i added a lower one and it is better but still not good.
thank you!!


edit: whoops, just realised I must buy a ticket first. However, http://tickets.blivande.com/ doesn’t take me to where I need to be.

Hi, I’m trying to create a dream on the Frihamnstorget 2020 page on the dreams platform.

The “New Dream” button does not show up for me on the FT2020 page, but it does show up on the Plato Tests page. Intentional, bug or am I lacking permissions?

Thank you!

Ah, I realized I fucked up with those vouchers and set the wrong URL. Try now, I did a redirect. I will post in the FB event and let people know.

Useyour voucher here. I have given you access to create a dream already, which happens automatically when you get an account on Dreams through buying a ticket.

Thanks Sero! I’ve updated the settings for the image compression service to make images 3600 pixels maximum width instead of 2300 pixels, and increased the quality. Hopefully it should be a little bit better now (for new uploads).

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Awsm work @gustav!

A few minor issues I stumbled upon so far:

  • Budget only shows currency, after entering (made me specify the amounts wrong in the start, bc I assumed SEK)
  • links are not highlighted in a different colour
  • links should imho open in an external tab, to keep people on the platform
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Thank you @franzyswolf! It’s great to see the platform getting filled up with more actual content :slight_smile:

Fixed this, currency is now shown in the input.

Improved the link styling a bit, should now be visible.

Agree, fixed this.