Taushops (workshops)



I teach:

  • AR and VR in the browser via A-Frame
  • Generative/abstract graphics using P5.js (@beckmans_rgb)
  • Creative audiovisuals (live visuals, projection mapping) using Resolume
  • Building expressive LED structures using LED strips, Arduino and simple off-the-shelves materials
  • Creative coding/building ludic instruments/interfaces using Arduino and sensors
  • Web development/building websites using Glitch

And think I should host a workshop or two at Blivande. But, I don’t really know about what!

And perhaps it shouldn’t be any of the above, but instead something challenging (something that I haven’t already taught loads)…

What do you guys think? When I don’t do artist work, I teach, so I am not thrilled by the idea of doing the same thing I do at “work”. Would love to have some motivation/suggestions. I could definitely tweak some of the things I “normally” do, for it to get a bit more exciting personally, but then again, I think most would benefit from having the basics.

I’d personally want to push the AR the most, since it allows for plenty of surprise…


What do you think about formats…

17.00-20.00 (3-hour session is minimum tbh)?

Do you think it should be a continuous thing, ie. people can build between workshops, or always starting from scratch?


This might potentially interest @jakobskote

This definitely interests me!

I have actually done a bit of this myself. Those containers are some pretty cool projection surfaces…

This also interests me.

I also think that all of the above could/should be taught at Blivande. I think it might be a compelling format to tie it to some event where people can showcase their work. How about tying it to a KASAM party (ping @Linnea, @Simon, @Frida_Simon) with a special focus on member produced virtual art?

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Hi everybody this is Pietro,
this sounds really nice, I would be very interested in these topics

  • AR and VR in the browser via A-Frame
  • Creative audiovisuals using Resolume
    and expecially
  • Building expressive LED structures

I´m new here at TAU and at the moment I´m building some lamps :slight_smile:


Very cool, I’ll move forward and stay in touch shortly, I think AR and VR seems like a great start! Others require lots of components/projectors, a bit of a hassle to begin with.


What kind of lamps? Please pic :smiley:

Ping @jonasjohansson, I just now scheduled this Facebook post for tomorrow to get more people to this discussion. Works for you? Otherwise I can change it or rethink.

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Fantastic, go for it, the more people that show their interest the better. And all of these workshops will happen at some point, sooner or later :slight_smile: Let’s use those catchy descriptions to gather interest and traction :slight_smile: Go go go!


Nice to see you here on the forum, @GoodMood!

Speaking of courses, it would be great if you want to hold a graffiti/spray technique workshop out on one of the container walls. We could have one designated side to be a sort of “open wall” that is free to paint over and practice on. Ever changing canvas… Maybe covered with some kind of board to make it flat and easier to work with. In any case, if this sounds interesting then feel free to create a new thread about it!

I’d love to participate in :

  • Creative audiovisuals (live visuals, projection mapping) using Resolume

  • Building expressive LED structures using LED strips, Arduino and simple off-the-shelves materials

We were thinking of having a LIGHTNIGHT in February at the container village with arts and lights. Let’s talk about this and collaborate.@simon

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Let’s talk to Tobi about the welding workshop to. Is he in the forum or just on messenger?

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Tobi is very active on the forum, under the name @elch.


@hampus @hugi @Linnea

I’d like to try now to plan some of these Taushops :slight_smile:

I think the Beta space is most ideal for introducing a topic, but I don’t think there’s great projector space there. What are your suggestions for having things visible on a projector? Do we have a projector setup ready?

If not, I’d have to think how we can do it without projector, but that would be very demanding on everyone and heavily curb the learning.

Suggestions on how to accomplish this? Should we invest/Setup a proper clear wall for projections, like in the Church? I imagine we need tables, chairs and power for at least 10 people, and they should all see the projection.

Let’s find a great hardskills workshop format!

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When the Node is not using the Church, that’s the most readily available projector space. There is a projector available, and the roll down thick white roll downs shade works great as a projection surface. Usually though, we just use the big TV on wheels instead of a projector. It works pretty well for small to medium groups. You could also roll that into the techno temple and have people sit on meditation cushions, or roll it into the big room with the big tables in Tau and have people sit there. Lots of possibilities. :slight_smile:


The workshop I intend will require:

  • Following code instructions on the projection, so legibility and visibility of code is important
  • Desks providing space for laptop
  • Easy charging possibilities (not an issue since we have 100000 power strips in the electronics room).

The church is the only room that make sense I think based on those requirements, without refurbishing the lounge space. I’ll have a look next time I’m in!

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Unless you do it in the evening, in the blue room at Beta. People sitting with their laptops at the long, high table and in couches, with you showing code on the TV? Could work quite well? Then you don’t have to worry about what is happening at the Node.

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Sorry for the late reply but I will be on the forum more regularly from now on :sweat_smile:
That sounds great! Maybe we can still talk LED on the side then :slight_smile:
Here is pictures of a couple of lamps I made, for now just neon


Hampus that sounds like a wonderful idea!
Then I will just start a thread and see if there is some interest :slight_smile: