Tau meeting 18th March 2020

This is Olle t. Cellton, a really good friend of mine and boss for the last three years (restaurant Babette, Nizza)
Next Wednesday at the Farm he’s doing a one night only special guest chef starring all you can eat pizza evening. I propose that we move the tau meeting there and enjoy Pizza. And show the farm and him support, me and Nina at the secret experience want to start building a good relationship with the farm restaurant and this is the perfect chance to meet them, and for them to meet us (us collectively as Blivande/tau/Frihamnstorget)

enthusiasm for this idea?

What’s on the Agenda ? co-create it here by editing this post and adding bullet points (add an asterisk, space and topic) below the “Check-in” together with your name.


  • Check-in
  • Choose someone to facilitate and someone to take notes

Awesome! Of course we should do it!


The pizza event event tonight at the Farm is coroncelled. :frowning:
We don’t have anything on the agenda yet.
Some ideas or something to clean or something to cancel?

I have no plan on going to blivande today, and i will stay at home.

I did not put up the shutters in open space station since it was hard to work alone with my hand above my head. (My body is a bit shitty atm)

Me and Cecilia will put it up when she is back from her cold.

I have one point to ask, i will make a post about it in Frihamnstorget. I want to livestream a concert (65min) from Frihamnstorget next week. (Yung Lean)

Lots of love