Tau, Blivande and the crisis response

I wanted to have a channel for communication about tau and the upcoming weeks and the Crisis Response.
Today I had a rough day at Tau, and it seems like its basically impossible to work there at the moment with the production of PPE.
This in itself is great, and I’m happy that you’ve managed to save lives and health using Blivande.
I just wanted to have some ongoing communication or links to where we can find out more information for the upcoming weeks.
At the moment it seems production is 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are there hours where production is happening or hours when the space will be free?
Do you have some projections for the upcoming weeks, schedule etc. so that I can plan my working hours appropriately?
Can we keep the tau members updated about how things progress from week to week here at Blivande.
again, i’m fully behind the transformation of Blivande to help the health care system. I just want some more information and communication.
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Thanks for your understanding @bobspeakman! These are strange times indeed. Hampus and I just had a meeting, and decided on the following plan.

  1. Production will move out of the open space gradually this week, and move into the unused event spaces. This will happen in steps, as we need to arrange for tables and equipment in those rooms. We promise that from Saturday onward, there will not be production going on in the open space. Starting next week, we want the production to cause less disruption to ordinary Tau activities.

  2. If Tau members need access to Beta during this time, that will be arranged. Talk to Hampus to sort that out as needed. We arranged for that with @NinaLindberg and @cecilia_ulfsdotter yesterday. We also encourage cooperation between Tau members to ask to use any spaces that may be vacant at present.

  3. PPE production at Blivande at this scale will continue until April 30th, primarily in the Flex/Studio room and in the event spaces. During this time, we want to make sure that it can exist alongside the ordinary activity in Tau. Please talk to @hampus to figure out how to work around any disturbances that might still happen after production leaves the open space, or try to sort out solutions with other Tau-members if you can. If commercial supply of gowns increases a lot before April 30th, we will scale down or stop production earlier.

  4. Starting May 1st, we aim to phase out PPE production at Blivande, perhaps continuing at a lower intensity with a single team. If there is still large unmet demand, we will refocus on helping others set up production in other spaces in Sweden and abroad, as is already happening in Farsta.

Today and in the coming days we might have journalists in the house from SVT, Aftonbladet and other media. This initiative is getting a lot of attention, so it’s likely that until we start phasing our production in May there will still be a lot of activity in the house.

Let’s use this thread to further clarify anything that might need to be decided or communicated. I will then send an email to all members with the plan posted above, and any further points that may need to be addressed.


If there are no further comments before tomorrow, I will email this plan to all members.

Thank you @hugi and @hampus I think it sounds great that the Open space will be available again. Appreciate it a lot!


We are probably going to have to temporarily borrow one of the big white tables and place it in the Techno temple. I suggest we take the one next to @cecilia_ulfsdotter’s corner. Let me know if you have any other ideas, otherwise I’ll execute the switch tomorrow.

It’s a massive PITA to move and we might have to take it out through a window, so be aware that the switch itself might cause some disturbance for the time needed to make it happen.

If you need a replacement table in there we can arrange for that. My assessment is that it should be fine with one large table in there, especially now that Mike is no longer there.

Will look into alternatives to this (due to the PITA factor and having to reshuffle) but as it right now it’s a perfect table for the job and it does like we will indeed have to continue producing all throughout April.

Hi guy! I’m sorry I have only just seen this! Here is the schedule for the production managers along with their phone number, so if there’s an issue going on during production, you need someone to move for a while etc. etc., you can call them if you’re not sure who it is. I am also often around :heart: Also, you guys are always welcome to help yourselves to food if it’s being made in the kitchen.

Thanks so much for putting up with us!!!

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I’ve never read the acronym PITA, but after reading this thread it is my favourite acronym. It’s so good.

PITA. Hah!

HAHAHA i just googled it as well. Swedes teaching me english all the time :wink: <3 Will make sure to integrate it into my daily vocab now :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait what? Never seen PITA before? We live in wonderous times.

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nope! I think its cause I default to POS instead of PITA. Also PITA just makes me hungry for flatbread :wink:

The promised gowns from big industry keep getting delayed so we will unfortunately have to prolong the project for a bit. We’re doing this on a week-by-week basis, updating the decision every Wed evening whether to open up for shifts the following week on Mon.

Short update also here (copy + paste from chat):

The overall situation in Stockholm does look better now after the big IKEA delivery a couple of days ago. But the equipment also needs to be distributed out everywhere and that’s a big bottleneck. Other regions are not covered and Sthlm might have to share with them. Furthermore more disruptions in deliveries can still happen.

  • We have since 10 days ago (reported above) changed the routine so that we decide each Wed whether to continue another week or not.

  • We have also made the shifts shorter (12-18).

  • Fridays are cancelled (no production happening at all) so those days are ideal for spending time at Tau in case you are worried about the risk of contamination from the presence of volunteers.

@Frida_Simon @Simon @spargeltarzan @Vinnss

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Hey! I need to take portfolio pictures and I’d like to do so in the large dark green event room. I assume this is fine as long as I use the space before 12, after 18 or on a Friday? I’d move a few of the tables, but put them back when done.

Are there any live streams/events planned in that room in the coming weeks, or not until production is officially over?

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Yeah, go wild!

I miscommunicated the schedule for production a bit though. It’s not 12.00-18.00 every day but staggered/varied in a “1 day early, 1 day late” kind of pattern. The total shift length is never more than 6 hours, but every other day production starts at 09 and then the next day at 12 and so on. Today was an early day for example (9-15) so tomorrow production starts at 12.

In other words a safe bet is always after 18 on weekdays or on Fridays which is the day off. Weekend times are also varied but I don’t remember them at the top of my head right now. Will update tomorrow.


Hey! I hung this lamp up yesterday to take images and left it overnight in case I needed additional photos. Is it OK to keep it up for a while? It’s probably around 195 cm from the floor so it shouldn’t be in anyone’s way.

Can’t really see, which room is it in? Temple?

Yep, I think so! Dark green room.

Maybe @kimgajraj and @hampus can weigh in, but I see no problem with it.

I can’t see exactly where in the TT it is located but it looks like it’s in the main part of the room (dance floor area) - hanging from the big red iron beam - which should be fine.

Tomorrow morning from 08 @Malin (I hope this is Malin Bobeck’s user) will be filming for a couple of hours in the room. She will only be in the area in front of the piano, in between the windows and the room dividing wall behind the DJ booth. In other words unaffected by this (I’ve secured this already with her earlier today before reading this).