Tao shelves purge (on hold)

Hello everyone,
Considering the success of the fridge cleaning, the need for space, and the overall organization of the house,

I offer my service (gratis :wink:) to take care of the big Tao room’ shelves ( /Cecilia’s work space)

We had an hour-ish long discussion today with 3 present active members and decided it was time to make space for emptiness.

I propose a deadline next Friday November 27 to claim your things / organize and use half a shelf each (we are of course open to négociations depending on the need)

The ultimate goal is to have empty shelves for potential future members, so when someone is interested in working at Blivande they feel they could have their spot available right away.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation, the purge will happen in a very diplomatic way like the fridge sharing,
on Friday Nov27, please let everyone know, tack .


I think it’s a great initiative to organize the shelf, but maybe the timing is not so good with the new restrictions.
Would it maybe be possible to come up with a plan that does not force people to go to Blivande to claim their stuff?
If not I believe it’s better to wait.


Agreed, it’s not a good time for that now. If we purge the shelves, we need to put things carefully into storage. But thank you for yet another good initiative @Alex.Colard!


I really think this is necessary, so thank you for starting this innitiative. I stared many times at that intending to start something similar. Let’s have he goal to start this as soon as numbers of infections go down again and recommendations change, to show a bit of civic responsibility.

Let’s maybe start a very small group around the storage in emanu space and see what else can be done in Tau without calling people in.


Ok, thank you

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Thank you, ok

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Thank you, alright

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This is just one of the steps for getting more optimized space distribution in TAU. Loads have been done by many of you and loads must be done but hold on we have come a long way.
So today we had a long discussion regarding that, i informed on my big project on getting out loads of blivande stuff out from tau specially Rydebergs, plan is all member storage is going to be moved there(has been for ages never actually happened), so im doing the “blivande” part I hope that each and everyone of you do yours. Ofc there will be some kind of restrictions on how much shelf place each member gets but that is a big long discussion that also involves the general disposal of space. This starts to become a problem as we grow and at some point we all need to accept that we can not spread out as much as before, but at the same time enable space for different projects and make tau a better workplace.

To keep you updated I have been working past weeks in sorting and clearing the different storage spaces in blivande. Creating more long term practical solutions eg event storage, “house spear part” storage etc etc (actually big part is getting similar stuff in same places and not spread out in whole of blivande) my plan is that soon Rydbergs will be fully fixed with shelves and special designated spaces for each project/member and the random dumping of material will not be available in that room. There is also a plan of having a designated place that you can put stuff that is up for grabs that will be cleared once in a while.
As for the shelfs in flex room they will at some point be moved/removed to enable more art and workspace, we also had a discussion with Cecilia of removal of stainless bench and opening up for more aesthetic and practical solutions.
So blivande (trough me) is taking its part in freeing up space in TAU please help by not “filling” it up directly and for now restrain from putting things in to Rydebergs as I try to empty it out completely clean it and start from the beginning. Ofc this will take time for me as i work simultaneously in sorting 6 spaces in the house that are storage…

One more thing if you got things in Rydebergs that is yours please mark it I have found multiple stuff that’s unnamed. If you got stuff that you wish to donate to tau blivande write that!

Ofc we will take this step by step i do not expect everyone to be able to clear out and minimise their footprint of stuff, small steps and soon we will be there!


  1. Get rid of as much you can
  2. pack effective and save space
  3. mark your stuff

Want to help me with the other rooms and sorting? I need help getting stuff to recycling station so im glad if you can help me with that and getting rid of trash outside the house. We got huge amounts to throw away!


@Joannis-Magnus You are amazing ! I am so happy you are in the house ! Love your 1-2-3 solution ! Let’s do a garbage run together, just ask whenever you are ready to do it !


I can help with a trash run next week maybe Thursday? This week I am working. Let me know if we should do it.


Next Thursday sounds good

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Fully agree with everything that’s been said! Great initiatives by everyone involved.

The stainless workbench /“silver table” is not to be thrown away however.
It will be replaced by another stainless bench with a sink once we to the big upgrade of the room (installing water, sewage where the current storage shelves are now). So we finally get a proper wet area inside Tau for cleaning paint brushes and so on.

The bench is also valuable and will likely find another place in a future container (most likely the coming ceramics container). But we’re not there yet. And this big overhaul of the room will interfere with your use of the space until it’s finished. @cecilia_ulfsdotter

Originally we planned to start this overhaul in September when you were planning to move to London so as to not interfere with your work but now everything that has been delayed for all of us. It will also mean taking down the walls to the corridor and the current entrance room so it’s a big project comparable to the rebuild of the woodshop.

Don’t forget to bring the old and broken refrigerator with you when you go to the recycling station! It’s been out there for way too long.

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