☀ Svartljus: Internship Week 7

A snippet of the TextTypeLight project - more coming soon

Hej Blivande,

what a great start to the new week! Hope you can enjoy the sun.
Here comes a little update from us. It’s also Susannas last week at Blivande and in Stockholm before heading back to Sandviken. We are looking forward to celebrate our time together with you on Friday at Frihamnstorget. Hope to see you there! But first… What happened the last week @susannaengstrom @claes_gammelgaard @victoria_albrecht ?


Now the week is here, the last week of my internship, last week in Stockholm and at Blivande. I’m very glad and grateful that I’ve got to be in this creative environment and around all the wonderful people here. These two months has strengthen me as a audiovisual artist and how I can take my audiovisual art to the next level. I have been able to experimenting with the Makey Makey and Arduino and i’ve been taking my time to play around with Touchdesigner a lot, which has been really fun! Now the last week I will finish my little light show, hopefully I can show you the result this friday on Play and Work somewhere in the building. This weekend I’ll go home to Sandviken, take my degree and enjoy the summer on the countryside. Maybe I will come back to Stockholm this fall and continue my studies, so maybe we will see you here at Blivande in the future or somewhere else. I wish you all a wonderful summer, take good care of you!


Hej guys, this week I have explored further on the visual narrative of the new type of furniture, as well as getting closer to what it specifically looks like.

More specifically to articulate the shape of the individual modules, sketched on their respective layout placement together, as well as the specific modul/attachment system.

You can follow along on the process journey [here].(https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15GbJ7oE_3SOi2xckXDQoEhXlnH-tVGyta4qlCGcTEEI/edit?usp=sharing)

TLDR; Latest pictures of the sitting furniture


The AxiDraw project started with some ideas, what and how I can implement the technique and what it’s possible in the display window at Gärdets subway station. Jonas connected me and Half, a developer who likes to play with different techniques to generate art with the AxiDraw. I am happy to can borrow his AxiDraw for a view weeks now and exchange i could help him with some graphic design. It’s a great reminder how smooth and great community can work.

Jonas and me went also on the streets of Stockholm by night again to catch nice spots for our TextTypeLight project. Unfortunately almost everything we filmed last week, we have to redo because of the visual output which didn’t turned out the way we wanted (troubleshooting is a to-do for this week):

Something happened with the text files, that they aren’t readable anymore.

The tricky part is that I can just check the quality of the output if I import the movie file into the software called Touchdesigner, which connect the brightest light points in a video. To get a better understanding I uploaded a short screen recording of Touchdesigner. Feel free to have a look :slight_smile:

The next steps now are editing files in Premiere, put them into Touchdesigner, make them ready for publishing (Instagram and website), contact all participants and preparing a press release.