☀ Svartljus: Internship Week 6

Times of new beginnings in times of change, opportunities and…challenges.
All three of us had a week of starting a new project. And this start with all the endless
opportunities we have as students, learners and explorers. What do I want to spend my time on? Which focus do I have? Idea, tool, technique or technology? So let’s see what everybody spend their time on :slight_smile:

And not to forget: Just 1,5 weeks left with Susanna at Blivande before she is leaving Stockholm.
Weird feeling how time flies by here with you and YOU (as all people here at Blivande).

For the remainder of this internship I will be desinging a new type of leisure furniture.

What interests me is the idea that designers, play a big role in shaping our behavior. The shapes of things that are designed today are the result of years of tradition. Yes but what would happen if we try and rebel against those traditions. What happens if we design new things - differently inviting us to engage with them differently? Will we realize that the design we are creating for ourselves is extremely static and formal and in fact not very, human.

Furniture inspired by moments of indulgence. When we are kids the world around is shaped to be playful. But as we grow older we increasingly stagnate into excpectations on eachother. We either sit, stand or lay flat. What if we created furniture that would invite us to engage with it in a different way.



The Text Type Light Project is still on going, just got on pause for a week. We are so lucky to have such supportive people here at Blivande like Teo who is willing to lend us his car to give us so much more flexibility for our filming. And thank you for joining us the other night. Always more fun with more people :slight_smile:

Week 06 started with adjusting some issues we had the week before where we started to film here at Frihamstorget and got literally stuck here. The light wasn’t showing as we wanted. The computer we build in basically crashed all the time we played text/typography with a big amount of white pixels. We figured out the problem by an elimination process. So Tuesday, Jonas spend time to adjust the stick even more by adding 4 buttons for having the possibility of scrolling trough the files we have on the build-in mini SD card. With this option we don’t have to restart by pulling out the USB cable everytime we want to start over.

On Tuesday evening, this week, we will go out again to film more of the submissions we got.

Also for me it was time to think about a new project i want to spend my time on.
One idea is to work with Blivandes display window at Gärdets subway station. It will probably be something with a tool called “AxiDraw” - a machine who can draw any geometric form as long as it is a vector shape with any pen you like. It prints visuals on any surface with any drawing tool you want. See how it works. I will try to connect it with a sensor probably to make it even interactive.


Right now I’m experimenting with the arduino and Touchdesigner. At this point, I can light up a LED-pin and change color in Touchdesigner. It’s maybe one small step for humanity, but a big step for me! Thinking that I want to create a mini light show when I can do more stuff than just change color, in like a shoe box or something. Just to learn and explore the opportunities with this.

I’m inspired by Vincent Houze mini light show.


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