☀ Svartljus: Internship Week 5

Welcome to the weekly edition of our Svartljus internship logbook - week 5. If this is the first time you are reading this, we would like to say Hi to you too. We are three students of different fields who are interning with @jonasjohansson at Svartljus - A collective building dynamic lighting installations on improvised locations. All three of us are on the finish line of our education.

@susannaengstrom (SWE) is studying Audiovisual Production in Dalarna.
@claes_gammelgaard (DK) is a Design-Lead student and @victoria_albrecht (GER) is learning more about the world of Animation as Motion Creative student. Both are students at Hyper Island, Stockholm.

With these forum post we want to keep you updated about our process, would like to open up conversations and keep pushing the importance of creativity and community.


Starting a new project is always difficult, to throw yourself into something new. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time. So this week, it was mostly about getting started which felt difficult most days. Something I’ve learned new this week is that I should stop looking for creativity and just get started and work. Then the inspiration comes to you when you least expect it.


The creative part which I wanted to explore became more and more clear last week. Abstract light painting is an art form since 1889 (!). Have a look if you have in interest in the history of light painting. To combine new learnings about tech and coding I brought existing passion for typography into the game. The past week started with a midnight test outside of the Blivande house at Frihamnstorget behind the containers

The next step was to test different fonts, which we got from font designers* during our open call “Text Type Light”. It was time to see how well they work = readable with the glow and blurry effect I add in Touchdesigner. The thinner typefaces needed a extra stroke around and the bolder ones more spacing between the letters.

It’s to mention that creating fonts is a design form itself and if well and constructed a long lasting design fundament. *

Jonas and me collected all submissions we got and had to make a selection of 20 text/words which we wanted to document. Most participants connected their text to a certain place in Stockholm and the result was a well planned route with a lot of excitement.

Still executing 20 poems in one night was ambitious…

…and we didn’t managed to do all of them, BUT we learned a lot, had a lot of fun while freezing in the empty streets of Stockholm.

Picture by Susanna

Personally I got super pumped to continue with this project - there are so many options how to use this tool aka the pixelstick. Here is one preview of an animation we did at Skogskyrogården:


The installation is finally done!
This week was spent finishing up the installation and making a teaser for it.

Watch the installation teaser here! (Remember headphones!)

The installation itself is now finished but still trying to plan with a place to either have some sort of event showcasing the installation itself or to come setup the installation and record it as a video that will be consumed as shortfilm instead of the installation.

Thank you all for your help! :cherry_blossom::heart:

In parallel with figuring that out, I will begin on a new project. Super exciting :smiley:

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Wow guys, this post. So much good content, you’re killing it!! Thanks @victoria_albrecht for putting it together - i can tell you are on a creative spree :slight_smile:

This video @claes_gammelgaard, powerful!! Great teaser :slight_smile: Feels like a creature that exists within all of us, waiting to get out.

I really appreciate your consistency with this weekly update!
And I realize that I have a spot in Stockholm where I would have liked to take a picture using the Pixelstick. I might poke you about that at some point @victoria_albrecht!
Would just have to figure out what the text would say first. :slight_smile:


Sounds great :slight_smile: just hit me up whenever inspiration hits you @hampus ! Looking forward to your idea.