☀ Svartljus: Internship Week 4

One month of our internship is over and time is flying by so fast that it’s definitely a sign
– A positive sign of finding a good and probably a perfect place for learning and stretching
our creative zone. Now we are jumping directly into what happened in week four:



Hoping that we can find some location for it to be displayed temporarily when its done.

I am making a moodboard that I’ll be sending over to Hampus this week, but if any of you else out there have ideas for locations please let me know.


Clay model of installation

First through a clay model, to be able to see and feel the proportions.
Since then there has been experiementet with bringing that shape into real size.

Full size installation (left and right)

Materials used so far are: Movingboxes, chicken wire and a bedsheet.

I would love the surface to be less lumpy, so if you have ideas let me know. The benefit of the current materials is that the installation can be dissembled, carried and assembled again, by 1 person which geographically increases the opportunities for display. I would love the add a layer of plastic between the chicken wire and the sheets as it would at to the diffusion of the lighting and perhaps make the construction look less lumpy.

Next weeks focus will be to make the construction less lumpy with the chicken wire(or find a new way of constructing it, adding the lights and displaying it to you guys here at blivande. I will then try to finishing building on this project by the end of this week, and then as soon as a cool spot has been found outside of blivande I will try to create a corona (un)friendly event somehow and invite you. (If you have any ideas on how to make a corona friendly event I’m also curious to hear your suggestions.


I am painfully self-conscious about the amount of space that I am using for this. I am trying my best to keep the whole project on one table, but please do let me know if you prefer me to be on the floor, or if this is simply taking too much space to be in TAU.


Thank you Toby for hosting a cosy Urban Farming workshop. I thought it was on welding but now I got some fantastic insights about urban farming and listening to your conversations about Plato taught me a lot about how you structure and design social contributional events. Got me intruiged. Also, did you know that only a forklift can carry the heavy burden of Toby’s knowledge…

Toby´s Imperium *@elch

From Tobys terrase at the same meeting there was also a glimpse of JP on his late production shift.

JP on late shift Thursday 30th of April @
(Please link JP if you know his username)


It was a rollercoaster week for me filled with some frustration and some really rewarding highlights after solving some technical issues myself. To avoid starting over and over again when something goes wrong, I document my steps with photos and notes that I remember which part I connected how. I learned how to extend cables to each part of the prototype by soldering.

I continued working on prototyping and making the pixel stick more user-friendly. That’s why the first cardboard box got a make-over and became more slim. It turned out that this construction allows a smother and more stable usage. During the past days, I decided to focus on developing the creative part of the project as well as thinking about the execution of the open call “Text Type Light”. It’s always nice to have a professional looking tool but if the output doesn’t give the effect you wished for, it becomes less meaningful - and my goal is to visualize graphics, text and typography with light.

So I went outdoors in Hökarängen where I live and experimented with different light environments.

After an hour in the cold, I connected the recorded video I took of myself (while drawing with the pixelstick) with Touchdesigner, a software which shows the actual pixel i had drawn. I reconsidered a few steps and tried more the next day with much better results.


This week i learned to know how the interactive installation work, how I can connect local objects to the sound and the visual and how i can develop it until the exhibition , which is great. It have been fun to explore a new way to express and think in a way that i don’t familiar with. Now i’m going to start a new project that involves LED-lights, and taking a break from this interactive installation. So excited!

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Thanks for the update! Keep em’ coming!