☀ Svartljus: Internship Week 3

:sunny: Svartljus: Internship Week 3

The past week was all about developing our ideas further. We are working on individual projects but we love to start our days to talk about the status quo and ask for input if we need some which became really valuable for all of us. You find us most of the time in BETA or in TAU’s electronic workshop. It’s about experimenting with the daily balance and while having a lots of freedom right now we enjoy moving between these two places to keep up the flow of inspiration, community and learning.


After prototyping the concept, three areas remain central to further finishing the real installation:

→ Location

Looking for a place that is really eerie and gives a raw and secluded feel to display the installation. I went to Skt. Eriks to look at a location underneath a bridge, the location was perfect but has now been closed off by a fence by Stockholms stad.

If you have any ideas for galleries or locations or other places that would be really great?
Feel free to contact me on 079 069 0510

→ Sculpture

Sketching to find the shape that communicates that story I want to tell.


The pixelstick is developing and got 144 LED’s which is equal 144px in the hight (the first prototype had 20). To test the ability of the pixelstick I built a box and for the tech components and a handle to keep a steady hand while drawing. I used different visuals like pictures, typography and illustration to see which style fits the pixelstick. I realized that a black background with a bright color and a simple shape works best in a medium-light environment.
To create such visuals, I use Photoshop with the 144px as the document size and any width which fits my idea and export it as a png. The only step left is to creating a txt file out of the png and voilá. You can print in the air.

Right now me and @jonasjohansson are looking for writers, poets and typographers who wants to have their words painted with light in the streets of Stockholm for an upcoming project.

If you want to participate feel free to sign up for it. Read more about it here:
Open Call for Text and Type in Light


This week I have been thinking about how and when I can show the installation. The plan is to have an exhibition this summer in a small town - Sandviken, i.e. if things turn out to be normal again. The interactive objects will have a local connection and the audiovisual as well - I will figured out how that works together. This week I will start to build a portable construction where things can be hanging from, and be moved anywhere at any time.


If you give me some more detailed pointers as to what you want (moodboard) or text I can probably help you out.

Some friends of mine created a similar installation as what you’re doing at Midburn in Israel.
You can read more about it here: https://www.ronnyziss.com/psycheledic

Let me know if want to be connected to them.

Thanks for the weekly updates, it’s nice to read!

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Hey @hampus Here are three examples of what the location could be. But it could also be a big half-empty warehouse. As long as its mostly metal/concrete and grey-ish. But yeah super intruguied to hear if you have any suggestions at all.

thank you for your time.

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What about location in terms of communications etc? Does it need to be a public place that anyone can easily access? Or would a private and locked location be fine as well?

If you talk to @Joannis-Magnus he might be able to help you out with access to a huge industrial location (massive rave site) in Bromma that is currently closed due to Covid-19. But that’s not a place that anyone can just wander by. And not very central. You could however probably do a small event there with invited guests.

You also have the old nuclear reactor R1 underneath KTH. Jonas has probably mentioned it to you already? Again @Joannis-Magnus and other members like @Malin Bobeck @guff have good connections there. @hugi also maybe?

You might be able to build something under the bridge (Under Bron) by talking to the owners there. I’m friends with some of them.

What are the requirements? Rain-sheltered? Access to electricity? How do you foresee people/someone/something interacting with the sculpture? Is it interactive? Lit up? I don’t know much about it yet I realize so it would be easier if you describe it in greater detail. Did I miss a post?

Another idea is to write to SL and see if you could get access to one of their subway booths at Gärdet station. Maybe they will give one of the empty ones to you for free for a limited time?

But yeah, @Joannis-Magnus is a great location scout in general and knows a lot of derelict old buildings being Stockholm’s “rave consultant” par excellence. :slight_smile:

Also, just judging from your example pictures I would talk to real estate developers and look for half-finished building sites that might have been temporarily paused/put on hold now during the pandemic.

Our friends at Förklädesfabriken i Farsta have some concretey service corridors underneath the ground there. Not optimal by any means but could be used as a last resort maybe. At least it’s easily accessible almost 24/7 and there would be a flow through of volunteers that would see your installation. Lots of ppl there into art and culture. The feel is a bit like the very wide underground corridors found in big hospitals.

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All these advice are epic!!

Under Bron, Rave venue in Bromma, SL @claes_gammelgaard you got what you asked for :slight_smile:

Snapped some photos of the corridors when I passed by yesterday: