Svartljus: Internship Closure

The summer is infront of our doors, studies are finished and new chapters are waiting for us. We all had the pleasure of spending two fantastic months at Blivande. I couldn’t wished for more when I entered these doors a few weeks ago. Blivande was filled with people willing to help in uncertain and needing times. And the past weeks I was happy to see more and more smiling faces coming back to their daily routines in the house.

I would like to thank you all to meeting us with helpful hands, smiles and inspiring conversations through a time of experimenting and learning. A big part of making my experiences so rich is the support, knowledge and enthusiasm of you @jonasjohansson. Thank you for being transparent and sharing so much with us! You’re an awesome human being.

Our TEXT TYPE LIGHT project is still ongoing and we can hopefully share all results soon with you guys. We keep you posted :slight_smile:

So for now, goodbye and take care – let’s stay in touch. See you soon!
Hugs / Victoria

And in CLAES words does that mean:

To close this chapter I need to start with thanking @jonasjohansson. For his inspiration, tremendous understanding and his never ending support in helping me whenever it was requested. Then of course a huge thank you to Blivande as a community for always meeting me with smiles and faith. For being awesome and finding new ways. And for your inspiration and positivity. I have a lot of respect for you. Although this internship is ending I hope I come back somehow. I would be happy to come back and potentially facilitate a think tank. etc.

Two projects during this internship:

  1. A light installation that will be displayed in the fall, I’ll post in the forum regarding invites.
  2. A table.

Looking forward to seeing you again, in or outside of blivande.

If you’re on facebook my name is “claes pg”


Svartsljus Internship 2020


You rule!! <3