Studio Tau – What is it and how do I sign up?


Studio Tau: An introduction

Why are we starting Studio Tau?

There’s a huge general shortage of artist studios and workshops in Stockholm. Not a single functional place exists in Stockholm where the growing global movement built on top of participatory art and culture is being nurtured and explored. The combination of different but compatible and cross-pollinating networks and creative spaces allows us to create economically viable hybrids and clusters (Blivande) that would otherwise not be able to survive. In perfect synergy with this, the Transforma projekt led by Hampus Lindblad, has received 1M SEK in funding from Kulturbryggan to work towards the permanent establishment of this new kind of art and community infrastructure in Stockholm. We will combine these two initiatives by housing Transforma at Tau.

What is Studio Tau?

A new place for artists and makers in Stockholm to create and co-create art in an intimate and supportive environment, driven by the ethos of participatory culture. It’s a community of selected members constantly striving towards fine-tuning the creative balance between structure/order and freedom/chaos that often is a challenge in similar environments. We do all of this in collaboration and support from national and international institutions, events and communities such as The Borderland, the international Burning Man community, KKV (Konstverket) and The Generator in Reno.

How will this happen

Phase 1 - January 1st to September 30th, 2019

Shorter-term and exploratory. Focused on community building, research and design ahead of the long-term second phase. During this phase it will be a limited possibility to rent rooms at Tau for groups of collaborators. There is also a “flexible project space”, bookable (at extra cost) for intense work periods or exhibitions.

Phase 2 – After October 1st 2019, a stable era begins

More additional equipment and specialized machines will create the need to expand common rooms at the expense of the private ones. We will become a larger community, growing from ~15 to ~35 artists. The all access membership with no private room will be the predominant one available, with a few exceptions for artists-in-residence.

Eventually, there might be extra storage space in the shape of nearby furnished containers and/or warehouses made available as the port related business move out to Nynäshamn.


During Phase 1, we have two membership tiers (basic access or room access) where the room access adds a premium on top of the basic 800 SEK/month membership cost. This premium is calculated per m2 with some smaller variations between different rooms depending on standard.

When Phase 2 begins, there will no longer be private rooms, but on the other hand there will be much more equipment available to use and create with, not no mention a booming community.

Some frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of having your own room during Phase 1?

The benefits are mainly that of having your own space. You can also be a standard member during Phase 1, paying 800 SEK+VAT. I.e. it’s possible to also be a non-room member before Oct 1.

In other words having your own space boils down to significantly larger storage space and more privacy/freedom to share space with people of your very own choosing.

Will there be lockable shelves / boxes in Tau?

Yes, there will absolutely be lockable storage. The exact type, form and shape isn’t decided yet and we’re very open to suggestions!

For very expensive stuff that doesn’t take up much volume we will use the old walk-in safe at Beta for high security storage. The original lock mechanism is unfortunately gone but we will retrofit the doors with a heavy duty padlock or the like, as seen on containers.

We are also actively looking for other large scale storage options in other nearby parts of Frihamnen, either in a building (ideal) or in containers (could be heated and the longside versions with multiple doors for much easier access). This would be for bulkier and less theft-prone objects such as building material and artworks.

What other security measures will be in place?

There will be an alarm system in the whole building, separated by zones that can be deactivated individually depending on what entrance is used (and what tag+code is being applied).

You are also free to install an online security camera in your own private space if you so desire, and for example a Yale Doorman digital lock on the door. We will have those (or similar ones) installed on the shared rooms with specialized machines that require special knowledge to use.

Join Studio Tau

Studio Tau is a curated space for members and their occasional guests. Your first step towards becoming a member is introducing yourself and getting to know the community. As you’ve noticed by now, we’ve chosen to have our information on a forum rather than a website, which is testament to our social nature and the co-creation and relation building that lies at the heart of House Blivande. Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself in a post in our forum? What do you want to create?

Once we’ve had a conversation and gotten to know each other, you’ll likely be invited to become a member. You can then go sign up for a membership, for 800 SEK per month, paid quarterly.

Once you have been invited: Sign up for Studio Tau


Don’t be shy, go ahead and ask! We’ve chosen to have a forum rather than a static website for a reason. If you have a question, chances are you are not the only one. Just reply to this thread, or if it merits a thread of its own, create one.

Tau Plan and To-do
Textiles Workshop (Room Number 4)
Studio Tau post-meetup build plan




the link “introduce yourself” doesn’t work for me. Where should I introduce myself ?
Is it possible to get an invoice for the membership fee for Tau ?
I would like to become a member through my company.



Welcome, Tobi!

Thanks! It’s fixed. Go here to introduce yourself.

Most members of Studio Beta (and some at Studio Tau) pay for their membership through their companies. What they usually do is to sign up with their company credit card. Some pay with their personal card and reclaim it as an expense to their companies. You get a receipt sent by email when you get charged.

If this is not possible for you for whatever reason, I could make an exception. I would really, really prefer not to make too many exceptions though since I would be doing the paperwork of sending invoices and checking for payments. One of the things we do to keep our costs down is to not have anyone paid to do that job, since we’re usually able to automate it.


Great, thanks
don´t worry about the paper work, the receipts will do.