Studio room (Flex room)

Things that has to do with the project room. Bookings & such.

Hello! I need space in the project room during late dec to around 7february. Have a large construction project that will need around 44m floor space for placement & testing plus work space around 24m and temporary stash of materials, around 1*4m. Ish… So a total of 28m2 maximum i think. No problem to collaborate with others as long as we fit.

The project will be wooden & plastic. Quite a lot of sawing = dusty.


Great to hear! Sounds like a good project. I would love to make room for this.

There will be a cost associated, and we are figuring out what that should be. We also have to figure out how it affects current plans.

Can we come back to you next week with a proposal?

You can! I thought using the space was included in rent but anyways. Maybe there should be a m2/year use of project room included in the standard contract. Feel free to consider.

Alternative/modified solution to cost would be to make a version of “the thing” to blivande. It could fit really well there. The project is confidential so i cant share any details here but happy to talk over private channels.

Note also that all the 24m will not be used all the time, only temporarily for testing a day here or there.

For a couple of days, members can use the space for their projects. However, if it is to be occupied for longer that’s a different story. In these cases, it’s fair that members pay for the extra space while they are occupying it. Our plan is to make the room available for rent as a studio, which means that if it is occupied by another project, that potentially means lost income.

Ok, could you describe in some more detail how you think it would work? How much space would be occupied for the entire period? For most of the period you would only need the 4 m2 for storage?

Feel free to send Hampus and me a PM here on the forum and describe the thing in some more detail. :slight_smile: That might help us understand how to best accommodate for it.

Another key factor here is that Oscar and Navid are likely to become Beta Flex members soon with their project Hur Kan Vi? and they will need to use the room on certain days each month to record their YouTube show.

In preparation for this Oscar would invest two weeks or so fixing up the room… All in alignment with the wishes of @Simon to create a professional photo studio. The setup is the same/overlapping (grey ceiling, white walls with possibility to cover with black curtains etc).

In other words Simon would get a skilled pair of extra hands in transforming the room into a functional studio already in January. Assuming they go through with signing up but it looks like they will.

Ok. Seems like i need to find another space then.

Let me know if they cancel or postpone their bookings.

Feels a bit weird that people who are not yet members gets första tjing to book the room. Would have been happy to be informed about this a bit earlier in the process. @hugi you seemed very positive in the beginning of our conversation about wanting to host this.

I assume the the project room will be a video studio from january and on the , and not to be used for construction at later times in the future?

No, this isn’t what we’re saying at all. The project room is to remain a flexible room used for all kinds of things, including construction. That’s a great thing about the photo studio setup: that it’s fundamentally a flexible setup allowing for a relatively empty and customisable room. Whatever fixed installations/lights/reflectors there might be will be high up on wall and in the ceiling. The main difference from today is the change of color in the ceiling (from white to grey) and the installation of black curtains along the walls.

Simon’s and Blivande’s shared aim to turn the room into a photo studio has been discussed since the beginning of Blivande (even before we opened since Simon moved in already in Dec 2018). It’s been mentioned here on the forum and elsewhere. It’s also something that we’ve been repeating almost like a mantra during guided tours of the spaces as something that will happen “soon”. Is this the first time you’ve heard of the idea?

The addition of the Hur Kan Vi?-channel to the building would only affect the room 1-2 days per month on average and they would be paying for two Beta Flex memberships costing 5000 SEK/month. As a Tau member paying less than 1/5 of that you would still be welcome to book the room in a similar fashion and frequency. So I find your comment about this being weird somewhat uncalled for and unfair.

Hugi made the assumption that you would be paying something for the much more long-term booking of the space given that you needed it for an assumed commercial project, hence the positive reception. It wouldn’t be sustainable for anyone in the house to book the room for several weeks or months without paying for it. As you probably know we need to increase the monthly turnaround of the house in order to become sustainable (we still haven’t paid out a single krona in salaries yet).

It’s of course also a matter of making the use of the space cost something in order to incentivize a more time-efficient use of it so that it can remain as available as possible to the different members of the community. We have been able to keep it free and very informal with just a few members using it (for just a couple of days at a time), but that is bound to change as we grow. You are the first member to want to book it for several weeks, hence presenting us with a foreseen but still novel situation.


Yes and that assumption is correct, i can pay for using the space.

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Sounds great! I’m pretty busy on work but can of course bolla ideas!

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So a general update here is that Oscar and Navid (Hur Kan Vi?-show) decided to not join the house after all. They might still do in the future but for now Navid wants to try out recording the show from his apartment.

Hi I don’t know where I shall book the Zebra-(flexroom) studio. So I post it a several places

I want to reserve the (flex)Studio for the 10/3 and 11/3 full day for a film test job.

/ Simon

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I noticed now that you managed to book it in the system!

Hugi helped out this time! :slight_smile: Lets hold a quick crash course next week! :slight_smile:

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Sure! I’ll also create a step-by-step guide and post it here on the forum for future reference.