Studio Beta: Your guide to co-working at House Blivande


Studio Beta brings work and community closer together

On the second floor of the creative foundation of House Blivande in Frihamnen, you will find the perfect space to work for freelancers. Studio Beta has room for 30 members, having either their own adjustable desks or the flexibility to sit where they feel like.

Beta has five different work rooms with very different vibes and two meeting rooms which you can book for that important client meeting or when you need some serious crunch time with a colleague. We are different from other workspaces in that creativity, participatory culture and art are at the core of Studio Beta. All members of our workspace have full access to Studio Tau, our 300 m2 big, well equipped art workshop and maker space on the first floor of House Blivande.

Memberships at Studio Beta

All memberships give you 24/7 access to Studio Beta and Studio Tau in House Blivande. Coffee, printers, wifi, bookable meeting rooms, phone booths are all included. And best of all, every new member gets to pick the next vinyl record we add to our growing collection! Vinyl records are the only allowed medium of music on our spectacular sound system in the inner hall, so make your pick a good one.

Flexible memberships

A flexible membership grants you freedom and five rooms to choose from. Spend one day in the comfortable multicoloured couches in our inner hall listening to vinyl records. Spend the next at a desk in our oasis of plants. Yet another in the comfortable armchairs of the curiosity cabinet. Or why not take your laptop down to Studio Tau and spend the day smelling freshly cut wood and work to the tune of CNC-machines buzzing and sewing-machines humming. House Blivande is your 1000 m2 oyster, for you to explore! Only rule is that you need to leave your workplace clean and empty once it’s time to go home.

Fixed memberships

A fixed membership grants you your very own dominion of a desk, your own flat kingdom of adjustable height, located wherever room you please. By the miracle of electricity it can be raised or lowered at your convenience. Upon your stately desk, you have your very own 27 inch display, courtesy of House Blivande. This is your desk. You can pile it up with books, your collection of porcelain dolls and pictures of your great aunt Gertrud. Or you can keep it clean and simple, Scandinavian minimalist style, to fit the machine of productivity that you are. And when you feel like exploring, you are just as welcome to roam around as the next man. Comfortable couches and curiosity cabinets await you, and your stuff will be just as you left it once you return.

In plain english, a fixed membership grants you:

  1. Your own electric adjustable desk
  2. Your very own comfortable chair
  3. A 27 inch display

Become a member

  1. Introduce yourself. Either by a post here in this very forum, in an email to one of the Blivande crew, or by dropping by the house. We’re looking to create a good and diverse community, and if there is space we will invite you to become a member.

  2. Try it out for a day or two. See how it feels. When you feel ready to commit, sign up with the invite link we give you and approve the terms and conditions.

  3. Choose your membership. A flexible membership costs 2500 SEK per month + VAT and a fixed membership costs 3900 SEK + VAT per month. Both memberships are billed in advance to your credit or debet card, every three months.

  4. You are now, as are we all, always becoming.

Practical stuff

This section will eventually contain a list of practical information.

  1. Access tags and keys
  2. Alarm systems and security measures
  3. Relation to the Node
  4. Activating your membership to Studio Tau
  5. Printers
  6. Wifi
  7. Protocol in case of fire or emergency
  8. Contact information


Is it strange that that’s the money quote for me?
A space with real personality you got going on there… :smile:



Oh, and we are not taking the piss. Not at all. :smiley: