Students getting involved with Frihamnstorget


My name is Max and I represent a group of students that would like to get involved with Frihamnstorget. We’re studying project management at Stockholm University and as part of our curriculum we are currently involved in a project that incorporates Frihamnen.

We are interested in using the container park for a cultural event and are wondering if there is anyone who could point us in the right direction, anyone that would like to get involved?

We previously spoke to Blivande on the phone, but were asked to write here as well.

All the best


Great stuff! Nice to hear and welcome to the forum, Max.

I will be one of the persons involved with this, and was the one who held the workshop for last year’s students together with @jakobskote.

Great to hear, thanks for the answer and the welcoming!

We are all super excited about this project and have planned a visit to Frihamnen tomorrow. Any chance anyone of you are around for a chat?

Nice meeting you all today!

Likewise to you, and as well as everyone else we met. Glad to participate in the meditation today too!

We’re gonna try to conceptualize our ideas into something more concrete and then get back to you asap!

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