Structure around e-mail lists


The comms crew is looking into how to send out newsletters to the members. We have found the Mailchimp account and are wondering 1) how this account is managed and by whom, 2) how updated or outdated the e-mail list is, and 3) if new Noden members are automatically added?


Pushing this again, ping @rogerb.

@DianaMO would you know who to ask if not Roger?

Hi @matildakongshoj, @DianaMO, @filipnystrom and @rogerb

We are using a service called Moonclark for member payments and there we have all mail addresses to members
Now I and Christian found out that we will be able to connect Moonclark with Mailchimp so this will happen soon.
Then Mailchimp can be connected to Zoom so we can send out invites to members to join a Zoom event
As soon as we have Moonclark synchronised with Mailchimp I will connect Zoom and synk that to

Will be back with more information as soon as I have that.

Great if we can sync the members list to the mailchimp, thank you for being on that!

BUT I would not recommend sending zoom-invites through the mailchimp to all members mails. If we do this, a lot of members will unregister because they feel spammed (I would personally be pretty annoyed). I do not think that the mail list should be used to promote events. Events can be promoted through facebook etc.

The mailchimp newsletter function (and the list of mails we have to all members) should, according to me, ONLY be used for exceptional cases of important information, and not for specific events.

I agree with @filipnystrom!

@filipnystrom @matildakongshoj
Well it will not work that way, so a question before drawing conclusions is always good.

ZOOM has its own system that sends links to participate.
To create these mailings to those who signed up, you have to pick the mail addresses from the database that are synced from mailchimp for each group and when it is time for the event you send the link to those who signed up as participants .

There is a maximum of 100 who can participate so we can never send to all members at the same time only to those who responded in Facebook

Okay, but why even go through Mailchimp, when all lists are aldready in Moonclerk? I’m not sure I completely understand the need and process here, sorry. I’m also not sure how Moonclerk works, that might be why I’m confused.

Also - the easiest way to use Zoom is to create a link so that everyone who wants to can join, no? And just send out the link in the facebook-event? I guess we can’t control if they are members or not then though…

Zoom event as I see it

  1. We post the event on Facebook and encourage everyone who wants to participate to register

  2. I or someone else creates the Zoom meeting and enters the participants who are picked from the address book that we sync from the Moonclark member system,

  3. The day before the event, we create an email with the links to the meeting as sent to all participants who can click on the link and join.

All this without anyone having to sit and look for email addresses.

As I se it this way we can hold many event simpel