Store Runs - Bauhaus, Sifvert Skruv, Byggmax, IKEA, Kreatima, Ahlsell etc

I thought we could use this topic to announce when somebody is going to a specialty store (ie, not a supermarket or other common store). When someone says they’re going, you can ask that person to pick-up some stuff you need.

As an example, I’m about to head to Sifvert Skruv. If anybody needs a screw (har har), let me know…


Great idea!

Both Blivande and Linnéa and I privately are in need of things from IKEA. So please let us know if you plan on going there (with a car).

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I was in Bauhaus a few days ago, and I might go again to buy some wood for a project I want to do with the shaper.
I’ll let you know when, but most likely sometime this weekend or next week

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Are you going by car?



Bauhaus in Sickla or Norsborg?

Depending if I go straight up from work on a weekday (in which case I was thinking the one in Bromma, is bigger than the one in Sickla for what I remember).
If not, I guess it depends. Do you have any preference?

It was more if it could be combined with a visit to IKEA (10 mins from Bauhaus Norsborg). :slight_smile:

I think the artist Alexander Felsing that will have his exhibition in the house on Saturday will need to buy building material at Bauhaus or Byggmax. If so he might go already tomorrow. If you’re only buying something small then maybe that can be picked up then so you don’t have to go yourself?

More generally I would need to borrow a car soon to go to IKEA. Do you have a car or would you rent one for this trip?

I can drive you my man.
Any time

I was planing to go to the Process JavaScript event this Saturday at blivande, I can skip it and we can go to ikea then (for example).
In that case we could go to Norsborg.

My car is a station wagon, I have some space in the trunk, but it has some limitations. If you need tons of stuff, we need to find a trailer

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No, you shouldn’t skip Processing day! Also it has changed date to the 22nd, check the event! :slight_smile:

We can easily find another time (at least I could). But I won’t be in town anyway this weekend. You should still come to the house in Sat though. I think the art exhibition will be really nice. Over 50 paintings made over 3 years.

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If you’re not in a hurry with the IKEA thing, I was planing to buy some stuff from there too, but maybe in a couple of weeks or so.

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“I can skip it”.

Heart. in. so. much. pain.

The power of IKEA.


I’ll be placing an order in the online European Shaper Origin store when it opens in a week or so.

I’ll buy a roll of shaper tape (since I used a lot) and a replacement 6mm bit since I burnt one of them today.

Anyone want me to get anything else? @Ollxor

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If they have any single flute straight cutting bits that would be great! Lets see when the store opens

These are the American store options. I would assume the European store will have the same options but rounded to the nearest metric equivalent.

I’ve already ordered the 1/8" collet (for Blivande) and 1/8" bits (for me, but will sell them at cost)

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