Starting plant work


So i watered all the plants yesterday and will be back this weekend to check how they respond.
I will also look over the self watering system.
Some of them will need to be replanted, and also get new inner pots with drainage holes, very important so that there is no standing water in the bottom of the pots which was the case of one of the plants now.
I plan to begin replanting next week and if any one is interested in taking part just let me know so we can coordinate.
Also, i will soon start to plan for the outdoor area around the house where the plan is to install perennial plants and ornamental grasses in a style sometimes called praire garden. Anyone interested in being part of that or want to bounce around some ideas just let me know. I will set up a time to get together and share ideas around that sometime in the coming 2 weeks, stay tuned.
Have a great weekend!

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Hi! I’m interested in replanting)


The IKEA pots (big and white) come with their own self-watering system. This wasn’t available when the plants were replanted so the pots are currently missing this system. The units are in the basement storage if you would want to make use of them. Just let me know and I can find them for you.


Hi. I was yesterday att Blivande. Plants looks fine and watered, just few was dry- fixed. Waiting for the news about outdoor planting :sun_with_face:

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Pling @Nicke :slight_smile:


Hej plant squad!
Spoke to @Nicke in the house the other day and he showed me some inspirational photos for outside which seem promising! Have you initiated a plan for the outside garden that we could take part in Nicke?

With spring around the corner, it could be good to schedule a work day/weekend for taking care of the garden. Any suggestion on this @Nicke?

I suggest making a green roof outside the kitchenette of Beta, @hampus informed me that there are plans from SH to repaint the roof. We need to pinpoint when this would occur so we don’t invest in plants that have no designated home.


So it is time to have a get-together and plan for the outdoor areas. I have some ideas i would like to share and I am also interested to hear yours.
I suggest a first meeting saturday april 6 at 12.30, there is also some work to be done preparing the garden bed outside the entrance. I will be there from around 11.00. For everyone interested, how does that sound?

The plan is to start installing perennials in the coming month little by little, it is still early season and I am waiting for plants to become available from plant schools.

Also, right now i water the plants around 2 times a week. With spring marching in it is getting hotter and Blivande with all it’s windows is becoming a greenhouse, hence more watering is needed, smaller plants and pots might dry out faster on sunny days. So i am planing for this right now and also want to check if anyone here is interested in helping out with keeping check/watering the plants? In that case we could set a schedule.


Yes! See my post for a suggested meeting on Saturday where we also can cover the different options for installing green roof areas and also set up a schedule. I will start installing plants in the coming month little by little, depending on weather and availability, i also aim to set up some communal workdays.


Great! I am interested, let me know where they are:)


This is the nearby Värta-terminalen. I’ve only seen photographs but it looks like they’ve done some partially prairie-inspired garden work on the flat roofs there. Bit hard to tell from these pictures.