Stairway to heaven


Frihamnstorget is a multidimensional space, including the second and third layer of containers stagged on top of the first.

A lot of cool space there is currently not easily accessible,

Surely many plans already exist in different stages on how to get up there, but I think it would be good to bundle the discussion in one place as one well-made stairway can serve multiple projects and every endeavour has to comply with safety standards etc.

So what are the plans?

Who is involved in the containers in this picture?

@bobspeakman, @NinaLindberg, @Nicke you have an incentive to get people up there, what are your current plans?

@Hampus and @jakobskote, what plans have you already made/explored?

And who is our resident health and safety inspector? @Joannis-Magnus?

How and when can we get up there? :slight_smile:


That staircase tho’! So nice :smiley:

Yes, this has of course been a topic for discussion and ideation since the very creation of FT. Currently the main obstacle to moving forward is the lack of financial resources.

I’m exploring the lead of getting access to cheap or ideally free building material from the nearby storage site next to ICA where old huge metal pipes and pieces of big trees (suitable for spiral staircases) have been dumped since 2018.

@Simon and @Frida_Simon have a seller in Norrköping who offers metal fencing for 60 kr/meter but again the lack of funds is the critical missing piece.

@bobspeakman and @NinaLindberg have plans for expanding a wooden deck around the SE-container (second level, dark green) and the design of that of course ultimately dictates how a connecting staircase can be built/attached. Can you guys maybe share here your plans for that?

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A separate idea for a staircase that I’ve thought about is to make use of the wedge-shaped space in between the Gallery (yellow) and WCH (green) containers. In effect building an increasingly narrow staircase leading up to the roofs of the two containers. From there a wooden bridge could be built over to the Secret Experience container. This way the staircase will be “hidden”/integrated and not use up any of the existing ground area. Will post pictures soon.


Yo yo,
We had a thread about this, you can check it out here.

we can keep pushing to get in touch with these cool materials but progress moves at a snail pace there.

my perspective if that me and Nina need to get a staircase, and we are basically going the buy the first one that we find at a good price, would love some of those Blocket skills you have to help us out.
maybe we have to buy a crappy boring staircase but we have so many levels at Frihamnstorget that I don’t think we are ever going to not have a need for staircases.
We want the staircase to be leading onto the entrance outside our dining room so that we can easily move up and down from the kitchen.
so our phase one plan is to buy a staircase (probably a spiral) and build a simple deck just outside the dining room entrance.
phase 2 would be to build a terrace and build this beautiful tree/staircase that you ascend that is a mix of organic and metal work and use some of my art piece tendrils to create a hybrid refracted willow tree.

Simple deck design

Placement of the staircase


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I’ve now received final confirmation about the big pipes that we’ve all wanted to use at the square. It took an email chain 4 persons long and I now know what people to turn to directly in the future if there are similar questions.

They are in fact not discarded but placed there until 2025 when they will be re-installed over a street next to Gasverket. A shame! But at least they’re not just throwing them away.

Still waiting for info about the trees. Those might still be in play.

I’ve also suggested to some of the people involved at Stockholms Stad that they are welcome to use Frihamnstorget for future info meeting aimed towards the public and so on. They said they would keep that in mind for the autumn.
There is also a planned demolition of a house in Värtan in the winter/spring and the person I talked to thought that we might get access to recycle material from that site. She couldn’t speak for the private company of course but I got the name and will do some enquiries. Could be stuff like security doors, outside spiral staircases/fire escapes and so on.

@bobspeakman @NinaLindberg @elch


Yeah I’m still interested in the wood, lots of things to do with it ;_
Nice work in the rabbithole

I’ve now got new info about the trees after pushing ahead. They are also being stored for future uses in parks around Norra Djurgårdsstaden but their final usages/destinations hasn’t been decided yet and they might be willing to release some for our use! Great news!

We need to come back to them with a clear number and idea for what we need and they let us know. So let’s walk over there soon so scout what is there so we can be more specific in our request. Is it just one big trunk that we are interested in? Could be cool to also build some hybrid tree art installation at the square in a similar vein to the Tree of Ténere at Burning Man:

Just a lot more metal… :slight_smile:

@NinaLindberg @bobspeakman @elch

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