Staircase to the dining room container

Hi everyone,

It’s high time for us to get a real staircase for the top container. We’ve been on the look out for a spiral staircase for a long time but we haven’t found anything good within the Stockholm region.

Last resort is to buy a new one for about 13 000kr. But I would like to check with you first: does anyone have a staircase laying around somewhere or know where we can find one? Desired price is around 5000kr and safety is important, prettiness is less important.

@hampus @Ollxor @Jomi @Joannis-Magnus @elch @bobspeakman

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Bob’s plan with the tree is good and cheap. If you can help organising the tree (and the pipes), I can help with transport and building

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Sweet! Let’s do that. I’ll look into the trees.

Thank you @elch :strawberry:

I’ve talked to the security company, the parking company and 3 different offices within Stockholm stad and I haven’t found any clues for a contact person for the trees and pipes.
Any ideas @elch?

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Which offices did you talk to, @NinaLindberg?

I’ve been planning to contact someone I met who’s some kind of manager/boss at Exploateringskontoret. She would probably know.

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Since they couldn’t help me I didn’t save the names of the offices. But the last office was something like Norra Djurgårdsstans strategi-lalala which seemed like a good place, but the office is closed for holiday until 4th august.

I didn’t talk to anyone at Exploateringskontoret.