Spreading info about the Anti-Corona PopUp Factory

Let’s fill this post with the info we need to coordinate the videos and other info for social media etc.


OK, Let’s make it simple to know what skillsets we have here. Below are some ideas, but I don’t think I am experienced enough in marketing to know what is actually needed. I made this comment a WIKI so people can add edit and add their name to a group:


Communications & coordination: Sofia
Pr & Press: Sofia
Copywriting: Kim
Video shooting: Hampus Kung, Oskar Bård
Video editing: Kim (not much experience but want to be involved to learn for future Blivande posts), Hampus Kungs friend (I don’t know his name yet).
Graphic design:
Communication, help organizing all-day events: T-O

Video production

A video is being shot with the intention of showing how much gowns are needed and inspiring people either to come and work or start their own pop-up – Hampus Kung is now taking the lead

We decided to make several short ones, rather than a long one. And have them focus on different content;

  • one about the shortage and eargent need
  • one about the production here
  • and one about setting up your own pop-up factory

They all end with the same information about how to get involved.


we some people with large numbers of followers wanting to share our content, when we have it up.

Instructionvideos & manuals for setting up a pop-up

Instruction videos are being shot to accompany a guide being written by Mattias Nahlin, to instruct others in how to set up
@Kim who is doing this photoshooting at the moment?

Sharable pictures

  • We need to make sharable and posts that are easy to understand quickly. We are reaching out to several graphic designers to support us on continuity with the style of the still image posts that we make.

  • For donations of materials, we need to be more specific about exactly what we need, and frame those things one by one. Kim are taking individual pictures of the things that we need, for sharing on social media. Eg. one photo of a package of overhead films, one photo of plastic rolls, one photo of heat guns etc.

  • Under each photo we will add information to either donate the thing asked for, or to swish the amount so we can buy it:
    1 plastic rolls = X amount of money = X number of gowns to medical staff in need
    1 heat gun = X amount of money
    and so on…

  • we have an illustrator who would like to contribute with making a poster if we want to.

Other things

  • All communications should include the Blivande logo as well as a link to the new webpage that @hugi has made. This is the hub for information which will be constantly updated, so all separate posts on this topic should funnel people through to there https://www.blivande.com/#covid19

  • We haven’t discussed this, but we could temporarily update the cover photo on our Facebook page to show info about what we are doing right now. In a stylish way, maybe with the help of a designer. @SofiaAnner what do you think? @kim I think it depends on how it’s done, let’s ask the designer about this!

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Hi all! My name is T-O, a bit new to the factory but would like to contribute. Have been in contact with @SofiaAnner and Hampus Kung so far. I would like to propose to make recurring all-day events to get more volunteers, maybe 2 times a week to start with.

The purpose would be to get a bunch of new people at the same time, and schedule run-throughs of the different stations at set times, e.g. At 12 and at 16. I could volunteer to make food again, to kind of make a thing out of it.

If y’all think it could be a good idea, let’s talk! Maybe in a separate thread?

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