Solving conflicts betwen the difrent parts

We are multiple organizations in the building that sometimes will have conflicts, one of them the Node is not a part of this forum. As they got their own. The question is how will the node communicate towards the blivande community and blivande towards the node.
Examples of some problems:
Disturbance with sound or tools: eg when free flow plays loud music or when tau tools make noises.
Shearing of building infrastructure: examples TAU and The node has the same ventilation that means that they effect each other.
LNT issiues
Amount of people in an area (this is mostly a problem during covid 19)
And so on the list will always become longer. This is a multiple way problem there might be issues that tau or beta has with the node or the other way around.

Personally i can not be the only part in-between the two organizations blivande-node. We must find a way of communicating in a better way.

Thanks for raising the issue!

@DianaMO, @SimianSon, @Pouyeh, @kimgajraj - what did you think? How can we make the communication flow better?

Can the Node move to Blivande forum? Is that technically easy possible to open an own group for Node members in this forum @hugi ? There is not much traffic happening in the Node forum on Loomio, and I am sure (maybe hope and believe :smiley: ) that those that care would be ok with moving the communication to the blivande forum.

I was actually thinking about it right now, that I like this more than loomio. Don’t know how scalable it is though, but is not really a problem I believe for the participation right Now in loomio.

Agree with Joanis right now that the Node is a bit isolated out of the dynamic activity. (Also by having the Node communication here, maybe Node members could get curious about joining Tau? Frihamstorget? Beta?)


It would be really easy actually. If the Node prefers to move to the Blivande forum, we can make that happen.


I prefer that, we can raise it in the next meeting @Joannis-Magnus. In that way communication is easier.

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Was thinking the same Diana that will help a lot in small conflicts although in some big matters maybe blivande must take the decission TAU and the NODE vill not always agree.
But moving to same forum has been in my mind for some while it will be much easier and even better for both of us to become more becomming :smiley:


I have added the matter in the node forum for next board meeting


I agree with @DianaMO and @Joannis-Magnus here, having all organizations gathered in one forum seems like the best way to go right now, otherwise we’ll just wind up in this situation again where some of us need to act as go-betweens for communication, and information gets lost very easily when questions and answers are not written down somewhere and readily available to everyone.


Eversince in this forum, I feel so much more up-to-date, with what actually is happening around the house. It is just about getting it started for the Node. Nicely and dynamic <3

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BTW don’t forget to add your details to the WIKI listing that users if the forums. Makes it much easier to locate and tag/ping/notify certain individuals.

@DianaMO @SimianSon

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