Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Disco Equipment

The Node received in 2018 silent disco headphones and equipment, that were crowdfunded for Borderland 2018. The headphones can be borrowed for non-profit community events outside the Node by an active member of the Node.

Information about the silent disco

  • There are 100 pairs of headphones and 4 transmitters, you need 3 to set up. (One is extra.)

  • There is a charger in the box.

  • You need to return them fully charged!

  • Charge them while not in use at your event.

  • Make sure to return them clean, wipe off with a not too damp cloth use mild washing soap.

  • You pick them up and return them at the Synteist Node.

  • While borrowing them you will learn how they work and will be able to pass on the knowledge to others.

When borrowing the Silent Disco System, the (one) person who borrows the system is in responsibility for its return.

If any part or headpone is lost or broken, the person who borrows the system is obligated to pay for the new parts.

Lost or broken headphone: 500 SEK
Lost or broken transmitter: 2000 SEK

The booking sheet is HERE.

Non-active members (Members that don’t pay monthly) can rent the System by make a donation to the The Synteist Node (1000 - 5000 SEK depending on number of headphones). This is only possible if the person is known and trusted by the community and someone is available to handle the headphones.

In this thread we keep track on who borrowed the headphones.

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Frederik Brännström borrowed 75 headphones and all the accompanying equipment on the 26.10.2020 for Afterglow. It was agreed to give them back within a week with Diana Monsberger.