Sign Design Frihamnstorget

We decided on the meeting today to do CNC cutouts of text/design instead of do the rust thing, which we will do later. The reasoning for this is that SH will want something a bit more flashy for press images, and also that it will take less time.

@Nicke leads the design process but it’s ofc open for anyones ideas, and @hampus will oversee CNCing letters.

Here is a jpg of the side, I can send .psd if anyone wants.

Me and Hannah have this suggestion. Matte black, using the Chernobyl font, sort of displaced, very trendy. What do you think?

Sizes and content are not definitive, but we think we should aim at large and sparse.


Eye catching. The offset thing is very trendy now. Cafe is perhaps a little too offset to work.


Nice. Agree with Hugi about CAFE offset.