Shaper Origin Tool


That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with the European version of the tool before we have a container + traditional cnc up and running. It’s a lot easier to buy a tool than to acquire a container, find a place to keep it, find a way of powering it, acquire a traditional cnc, set it up, outfit the container, …


This is definitely a concern of mine as well @dsandber - It’s not just “buy a cnc and bam done” - Just had another design meeting for temple and would like to get this sorted before we take the design too far and make something we cannot actually fabricate. I posted on the CNC container thread as well, not quite sure where the convo should go. Alternatively if we change our mind on timeline for US shaper, I will be in the states in 2 weeks over easter


Is anyone keeping track on the EU release of the Shaper Origin? @annielocke @dsandber @elch


I’m on their mailing list. I’ll post here when they announce it.


Sent an email asking Florian. Will see if he responds…


@dsandber @hampus Florian said their new date is ~ October “Hi Annie! Your name is still high on the early customer list. But we won’t get EU units before October I think - we are working hard on some certification topics.”


Cool, thanks for the update!