Shaper Origin Tool


I think if the Origin didn’t work in Europe, they’d just say so, since there’d be no legal risk in that. I think their refusal to answer implies that it does work, but that they don’t want to say so since they don’t want to support Europe yet.

I’m leaving the US in a week, so if we want to pull the trigger on this, it needs to happen ASAP.

Totally cool w/me to just wait for the European version too. It’ll happen eventually, and will certainly be simpler to deal with…


I say lets risk it. Worst case we can resell it. Having it could build some great momentum for Tau.


Just checked the website and it said orders placed today will be shipped the 27th, so it’s too late for me to bring it back.

My brother can bring it to Sweden on April 12th.

Total cost will be between USD$3550 and USD$4325 (depending on whether VAT is assessed).

Calculation: $100 (220V to 110V transformer) + $2500 (shaper origin) + $600 (extended warranty) + $775 (POTENTIAL VAT 25%) + $50 (extra suitcase) + $300 (California sales tax)

Hugi & Hampus – proceed or abort?


BTW, we have two weeks to return the tool, so if we try it out as soon as it comes, we should have enough time to ship it back to the US and have it returned in time.


Proceed. Especially since we will have time to return it if it doesn’t work.


hi all. @hampus @hugi @dsandber Just got off the phone with Florian. He says get the US one and hack it with the transformer. He says he can put us on a special customer list and get the first available ones but his best guess would be available mid/end of june but ofc there is large risk to it. He says get a lot of tape. Will send his transformer rec links when he gives them in the coming days.


Just got off the phone with Florian. He say

Awesome, thanks!

Hmm. So imagine it slips a month and the European version is available end of July. Is it worth it to have it to have the American version April 12th versus the European version July 31st?

Asking seriously, not rhetorically.

We can wait until we have the transformer recommendations to proceed if we decide to go that route.


Yes, because Borderland. Having this tool available for the Borderland means that project that want to use it can include Tau usage in their budgets, and we get momentum around the space. For example, the temple build could include renting the flex room for a few weeks in their Dream grant budget. Also, being able to build something like that at the space already this summer means that we can use it in marketing and in applying for funding.


Cool! Will order as soon as transformer recommendation is received. What do we want from store?

How many rolls of tapes? Extra bits? I’d think the bits are commodity and probably available in Sweden but I’m not sure.



I will leave this to the judgement of you and @annielocke :slight_smile:
Use the budget you see fit for lasting us at least all summer with the Borderland projects coming up.


I worry about designing a temple based on the shaper tool actually. Not because it is american/EU or when we would get it, but more of the limitations that it provides. Side note: Florian said that the transformer option does take away some of the ease of using shaper, since it does add significant weight, so its a little more unwieldy… If we are doing sheets upon sheets of material, as florian pointed out, it’s not the best tool for the job. The pros of it is that it can be used anywhere and be highly detailed, but also because someone needs to be holding it the entire time its not something you can just click “route” and leave for 8 hours. I wonder if we should continue investigating traditional CNC options for temple specifically, since it does not need to be fabricated on site and might have lots of pieces that would be better left to traditional sheet automation.


also @dsandber here is the email from florian regarding transformers:

" Hi Annie-Locke,

As discussed yesterday, here are a couple of links we’ve talked about: >> 2000W to cover for spikes

Additional collets to use Origin with EU-sized cutters (6 & 8mm cutters):

>> with the product description you’ll get those for about 40-50€ at your local Festool dealer.

I would recommend to buy good portion of tape to cover for your project (+ 10-20 rolls?) and extra cutters (1/4" cutters for bigger projects). The 1/8" collet will help you to fit 3.175mm cutters for very fine engravings.

If you need more European cutters I can recommend right now:




Ok. If you think we won’t use it for the temple, that makes it much less appealing to get it now.
Here’s my final verdict, I want to leave it up to you to pull the breaks if you think the money would be better spent right now on a more traditional CNC, and maybe getting the shaper later when it’s in Europe.

Sorry to leave the final call up to you, but it’s slightly idiotic that I would make the call seeing that my domain knowledge is very underwhelming.


My humble opinion (not sure it should be up to just me) would be to investigate how long it would take to get a full CNC up and running at Tao.

If CNC.exe < May:
then: CNC.exe


this might be prohibitively too long when it comes to vent system. In that case then shaper is the only alternative to make something digitally for temple.


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What do you need to cut for the temple ? I got this one
Would it be useful for you ?


Ok, based on @annielocke assessment and the enthusiasm for setting up a traditional CNC in a container, I think we should bring this around one more time and wait for the EU version after all.

Unless you have already pulled the trigger @dsandber, in which case I’m excited about it anyway and serindipity will prevail.


Trigger unpulled. Waiting for the European version seems reasonable now that we have a rough idea of when it’s coming.

If things change and you decide you want the US version, just let me know.


@elch I’ve specifically held off designing anything until we know what tools we have. No use designing something that we have to outsource tools we dont have access to.

@dsandber does that work for you? I don’t want to say whether we get a shaper based around temple, seems a bit egotistical. I’m not the only one who would be using it


@dsandber does that work for you? I don’t want to say whether we get a shaper
based around temple, seems a bit egotistical. I’m not the only one who would be using it

All good for me, having a European version is definitely better in the long-term.