Shaper Origin Tool


I say go! We need some action now after all these deliberations. Sometimes a less than perfect decision is better than no decision at all, as someone else wisely pointed out in a recent thread. :slight_smile:


Pull the trigger! Let’s do it. :smiley:




Shaper needs 120V 7A max. I was originally thinking we’d run it on a UPS (uninterruptible power supply – aka a big battery) but perhaps a transformer would be easier. I’ll look into the specs…

BTW, for $600 more we get an extra year of warranty and faster service. Worth it?



The shaper motor is AC. I’ll ask my father and brother (both EEs) whether the 50Hz v s. 60Hz will be an issue. I’m guessing it will be, which means we’d have to run it off a UPS.


For reference, I just moved all Shaper related posts from the Temple thread to this thread.


My father said the motor should work. I forgot about sales tax, so the minimum price will be approx:

Sales tax (10% price) + Price

while the maximum will be

VAT (25% of price) + Sales tax (10% price) + Price + $50

Anyone have thoughts on whether to buy the extended warranty and faster service for the extra $600?

Hampus, Hugi, ok with the above? Should I pull the trigger?

Also, I’ll buy an 1000 W transformer to convert the 220V to 110V – costs about $100.



I’m thinking, yes. Two year warranty is worth it. Another reason being that if it needs service, and someone takes it back to the states, then the instant replacement will come in handy.

@hampus, what’s your take on it?


I’ll get in touch with my friend Fabian, hes the german representative for shaper and might have some thoughts. :slight_smile:


Try to do it ASAP in that case, before @dsandber pulls the trigger, in case we learn something that’s a game changer.


Yes, please ask Fabian ASAP. Based on what my father says the shaper should work with a normal 220V/110V converter (which doesn’t adjust frequency), but it would be great to get confirmation.


@hugi @dsandber emailed him. Will update with response. Didn’t realize he was such a good friend of my grad school friend. Met him at RobArch but didn’t get his card or last name.


No word? Need to order soon if we want the device coming back with me. I’m leaving the USA March 27th, will arrive in Sweden April 1st.

@hampus, thoughts on the extra $600?


Sorry about the late reply. Yes. I think the $600 extra is worth it. But I’m really anxious to hear what this Fabian guy says so if possible we should really wait for that answer. Maybe try other channels to if possible (old email or whatever).


I messaged @annielocke, she says she hasn’t heard from him yet. I really don’t know enough about these electrical issues to know what the risk is. I was trigger happy before, but that was before we started getting into the nitty gritty of frequency and transformers.

However, if we are confident that we can get it running here without doing damage to it, I still think we should get it. Having a very unique machine gives us an edge over makerspaces with more space for large machines. But I would like @hampus to weigh in on this too.


I’ll poke him again @hugi @hampus @dsandber. Not trying to throw a wrench in the plans I didn’t mean to complicate things.


I’m greatful! It would be anticlimactic if we bring it over and can’t get it to work, or even worse, fry it.


Yeah, you’re not complicating anything, on the contrary. We’ve been trying and failing to get answers from Festool so having someone on the inside would be golden.


added him on fbook, sent a message there and sent a message again via email. strange - my friend who knows him says hes very quick to respond so something must be going on… :confused:


I’m thinking that maybe it’s some company policy thing, that they’ve decided not to divulge any information on how it operates outside of the US. Maybe for legal reasons, who knows.