Shaper Origin Tool


Hi Everybody,

I wanted to gauge interest in the “Shaper Origin” tool. Please check out the video here:

Advantages of this tool:

It’s fairly small, and extremely versatile
A lot less scary, more portable and far easier to use than a ShopBot or CNC lathe
It’s new, no one has it, so it’s a good incentive for members to join


It costs USD$2500
It would need to go back to the US to be serviced, because the company doesn’t support it in Europe yet
It needs to be run on 120V, since a European version is not yet available

I really want to play around with this tool, so I’m willing to chip-in significantly and front the money if we can come up with a scheme whereby I’m eventually paid back for most of the cost. And I’m willing to take care of getting it and sending it to the US if it needs servicing.

Thoughts? Any ideas on how to recoup its cost?


To put down a number, I’d chip in $350 towards its cost.


absolutely support this! it’s a fantastic tool and I think everyone can get a lot of use out of this. Very accessible and easy to use. Make projects like the phoenix a piece of cake!
Make sure to add that the special tape needs to be supplied, and can’t really be replicated easily so best to get from the supplier.


Yeah, good point, we’d need a system for dispensing (and having users pay for) the tape.

USD$20 for ~ 50 meters.


This level of enthusiasm bodes well. If there is enough support for it, I’m all for it.


Cool tool, probably!

What’s the maximum dimensions of operation?
How long would it take to learn?
Is anyone commited to running trainings for it?

Also: before purchasing things i guess we should make a budget out of the wishlists, in order to do some pragmatic prioritisation.


the point of it is there are no max dimensions, other than how much guide tape you put down really. It’s super easy I tried it at conference demo and extremely easy/little training


We have a bit of a catch 22. On the one hand, we want to buy the tools that the people who become members or teach courses want and are likely to use. On the other hand we we have a limited budget and need to prioritize. Since we’re unlikely to get a big influx of members before we have a we’ll equiped workshop, we might need to come up with a compromise which allows for some passionate small- to midrange cost purchases while still planning more throughly for most of our investments.

If there are at least a few people who want this and would use it, I think we can find a way to budget for it. Especially if @dsandber fronts the money and Blivande pays him back for it over time.


This video is pretty good breakdown of pros and cons.


Good video, thanks – lots of stuff I didn’t know.

One question that I suppose is important is are we planning on having a shop-bot or CnC mill? I think Shaper Origin is nice to have regardless, but if the answer is “no” then the utility of the shaper goes up significantly since there’s no substitute, and if the answer is “yes” then its utility goes down somewhat.

Advantages over a ShopBot is it’s easier to use, safer, and not limited to a certain workspace size. Advantages of a ShopBot is that it doesn’t need a consumable and is fully automated instead of partially automated.


Let us take the whole list of tools we want to buy and rank it together, in a meeting. Then we will see clearly what we need.

We have to discuss alternatives by looking at which use cases we have.


Are there tools that are available free or heavily discounted? Because it’s hard to rank without a price.

If we had a list of tools with prices, we could ask everyone to show how they would spend the budget. This would be easier than having a meeting since there’s always people who can’t attend a meeting and so it’s hard to get a final decision.


I would prefer that instead of waiting for everyone getting together for a meeting and ranking tools that most people in that meeting will not have used, I think it’s a better idea to start suggesting tools here in the forum, like @dsandber has done. Each person suggesting a tool or machine then has time to do some research on price, availability, advantages and disadvantages. We can then also meet in person to discuss, but we won’t buy everything in one go anyway, it will be a slow build.

@dsandber, when are you going back to the states next?


Will go in March for around a month. Another opportunity will be in April when I meet my family abroad.


Since at least 4 “skilled” people are involved here and positive i think thats enough to make it happen. Still it would be good to gather and go through our needs in a confirmed prioritized list format with budget. Is there a poll function here so we can find a date? (Im eager to get some basic woodworking machine tools to start a project. Will be looking around for options and keep yall posted probably)


Good idea. I have started a new thread and poll


This might also be a good time to think about getting that Shaper :sunglasses:
@dsandber, traveling stateside soon?

Invitation to collaborate: Temple (Effigy?) for Borderland

Last time we spoke about this (two weeks ago maybe?) we landed on waiting for the European version which shouldn’t take long given the Festool acquisition of the Shaper company. But if the temple project grows big enough it might warrant going for the American version anyway in order to get started… Maybe we could re-sell it in the States (The Generator might be interested unless they have one already?) once the European one has been launched.


I think it could. Would be really cool to use it for a big project, and we could use the opportunity to document the process and get people excited about the new high-tech art-space in town.

… Also I really want to play with it. :smiley:


I’m in the US now. I can get it. The worst case scenario is that I need to get an extra suitcase for it and that customs charges us VAT on entry. So in the worst case scenario the cost is approx. $50 + 25% of price + price. Best case scenario is that the price is price :slight_smile:

Want me to pull the trigger?