Separating the ventilation and soundproofing the part between the techno-temple and TAU

This is a two part problem:
One: sound is loud from techno-temple towards TAU and tools the other way. The two windows must be isolated. Thick MDF is the way to go.
Two: Ventilation is sheared in the two parts that means hot air is transported from tau towards techno-temple and the other way. Also those holes affect the sound. Solution is to separate the ventilation close the holes and let the pipes stop in techno-temple.


Notice: we closed of vent during demolition in green room, then ventilation was realy good there! Also new curtains do a loot for the room keeping it cold and so on. Maybe ad an extra evac fan to green room. But there is one thing also. If we get the permission to have smoke and timers areas must be separated. We cant have smoke leaking in to tau.