Secret Experience wants to use the red container and maybe invest in a shared storage container

Bob and I would love to use the red container on the second floor as a wardrobe and a secret bar during our dining experiences this spring. Is that possible?

We’ve heard some ideas about using that container for storage, but wouldn’t it be much more convenient to install a container on ground level and use that for shared storage for building equipment, gardening tools, outdoor furniture for the square etc?

If anyone else is interested, Bob and I want to get involved in creating a storage container for the square. @jakobskote @hampus @Simon @Frida_Simon @bobspeakman

Check in with @Nicke and @jakobskote.
It’s important that it’s still possible to climb up into the garden container on the top of the tower

It’s never been destined for permanent storage for the reasons you mention. The yellow, red and top orange container (with the soil and the trees inside) are designated for art installations/exhibitions. But during winter when the square is idle they can also be used (at least partially) for storage.

Personally I think that the most important thing is to bring life and activity to the square, and The Secret Experience looks likely to provide that to a much greater degree than anything else on the near horizon. But like @hugi has already mentioned the main stakeholders to talk to here would be @Nicke, @jakobskote and @hanakin. 6 months ago there was a lot of plans for exhibitions come spring but I haven’t heard anything about it since so I don’t know what the status is now.

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Awesome that you are planning this, looks super interesting! Please go ahead and use the red middle container, as long as me and @nicke still can access the container above at times. It’s currently filled with some random shelfs and stuff.


Great! Thank you! We’ll make sure that the garden is still easily accessible. Will keep everyone posted about what we are up too and if we create a nice space that can be used for other events and things too.