Secret experience Terrace upgrades

We have finalised our initial ideas about what we want to do on the terrace between the red and restaurant container.

it’s pretty windy up there so not so pleasant to hang out. We want to make a wind-block, and a roof for weather protection.
also trying to block out that giant spotlight that ruins the vibes in Frihamnstorget.

a couple of different sketches here
A wind block wall, using the giant mirrors we have, they reflect inwards towards the square and we make a design on the back of the mirrors that is facing the street, this would serve as a door to the secret experience.

a courrugated steel roof.
Me, @NinaLindberg and @elch have a lot of corrugated container walls hanging around. So use them to make a sturdy roof over the terrace.

Next is a simple idea for the railing on the front of the terrace towards the square. Steel and twisted rebar design, something more free form, with a hand rail. We make it removable so that if needed we can load and unload directly onto the terrace with the forklift.

@hugi did you want to check some stuff with the harbour for visible changes?
how do people feel about this? We already have most of the materials left over from other projects, so open to feedback but also would be great to have ideas that are using existing materials.

Frihamnstorget crew tagging @Simon @Thedodod @missChief @hampus

Love from the toxic twins


Yes, I will notify them. When do you expect to do this work?

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Looks great

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Looks great!

I assume you have thought of the power of the wind so that the mirrors dont crack or the whole wall galls over?