Secret Experience at Frihamnstorget Proposal

This is what we (me and @NinaLindberg) want to do at Frihamnstorget.

Please check it out and comment and add your input.

It would be great to have some architectural input, if @annielocke or @Frida_Simon or @Sero want to meet sometime at Tau and have a looksie.

@hampus @hugi @Linnea also look forward to some input/thoughts.

Much love
Bob and Nina


Gustavo Rodrigues from Village Underground Lisboa was kind enough to share these detail drawings with me and is very open to consultations about how they made theirs. Potentially could be useful…


Thank you @annielocke!

Looks like I need to start looking for an old bus.

The bus was my favorite part! Let me know if you want pics - i took a shitton for inspiration moments just like this I knew would probably happen, just pm me :slight_smile:

We actually have 1-3 buses potentially on their way to Frihamnstorget. It’s the collective Dörren that owns them. Have been talks about that for the last couple of months.

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@elch do you have any tips for where to find some steel I-beam to distribute the container weight?
Similar to what you have over the high cubes, but much smaller, are you building a skyscraper?

@Ollxor is it your triangular metal sculptures at Frihamnstorget?
Do you also know who did the ‘satellite’?

I’m going to be moving some containers around and will have to do some redistribution of the art.

Sputnik sculpture is by @linlj

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Would it be possible to use the container
That you call “cafe” for food meanwhile you are there?

I did something the 21 September and a few days after that the container was working as a storage for Mats. I put in a lot of my time and love on that space before the festivities. So that the container was used as storage took some of my energy away to continue developing something. Now Mats is no longer a part.

Just very curious, I do not want to put time and energy into the container once again, if it cannot be used by me as well.

The container would of course need more stuff for your project. But maybe you can share that space?

This was discussed as today’s meeting and the answer is basically “yes but…”.

Bob and Nina would have the primary responsibility for running and organizing the café as per their wishes since they will be using it the most (by far). It needs to work for them professionally.

They are however very open to sharing it with other members assuming things are taken care of and restored after use. Obviously there can’t be clashes in calendar so sufficient communication is needed and some kind of system established.

Some special items will probably not be free to use (super expensive knives and sensitive machines I assume could be included in such a category). Ultimately it’s between every individual member and Bob & Nina. This mirrors how things work elsewhere at Blivande, with David E. being the caretaker of the CNC and the other David G. having some veto power when it comes to the laser cutter. Jonas has most say when it comes to the Electronics room and Anna and Jomi will be the bosses of the painting room as fixed members of that space and so on and so forth.


What size and how much do you need ? Or what do you want to support ?

Yeah sure go ahead! @Per_Dahlgren and me have made them. Let me know if you want help :slight_smile:

We want to support a single container and have a little terrace.
In my head around 150mm flange. I haven’t done the calculations for what web/size I need. Did you calculate yours or use experience?

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Birk is a great person to ask about this. I don’t think he has a profile here of his own but you can reach him through @annielocke

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Depends on the load and load case. As mentioned by Hampus, Birk is the man. He did the calculations for my structure. But my structure is stronger than needed because I got the steel cheap. You should also consider square pipes because they can be lighter = cheaper for certain load cases.

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he commented on the gdoc, edits are highlighted @bobspeakman


Great to have You on board the Frihamnstorget. We are your sister project, with a lot of similarity in content. We are building a maze in the yellow cube with a cafe/bar, a stage, and a two person micro plant basse restaurant in the top ( with a VIP skybar) and a lot of other amazing experiences. We will have a lot to learn of each other on the road. We will start up the building process this spring and aim to be ready 2022.
Of course the lower part will be ready in 2020 for micro found raising events in the bar and at the stage. Let’s keep in touch.
Best reguardes and W E L CO M E to the family // Frida och @Simon


Lets put love, light and creativity in the yet dark Frihamnstorget together.


it’s about to pop…

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