Save our Spaces - Again

Hey all,

I was re-watching the beautiful livestream from Save Our Spaces, from covid wave 1. It was magical to see how everyone came together to be able to enjoy music and community during social distancing.

I propose that we organize something similar during the holidays - perhaps on New Years Eve? I can help with whatever is needed. :slight_smile:

Is this idea something that would be possible, with covid restrictions in mind? I’m thinking it could be a fund-raiser, similar to Urban Playa Fiesta.

Much love!


Lovely Idea! I am not sure who was behind all the sound. I am guessing @Joannis-Magnus or @SimianSon?

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As long as it’s just a few people meeting physically at the Node, I think it’s a great idea!


Here is a link showing how lovely it was last time:

(EDIT: For unknown reason, the link doesn’t seem to work? Search for Tanz Oaze on FB!)

What we need to know:
Should we keep the total of people in the house to 8 at all times?
When do we want it? I propose January to decrease holiday stress.
Who wants to help?
Anything else that I haven’t thought of?

Volunteer DJ’s so far: Maria (meee) and Le Nomade / Malek. :slight_smile:

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Maybe make a post on if someone wants to help in the Facebook group, I like the idea. Nice to have something to look forward to.

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