Sanctuary is a space where BURNERS can find safe haven for reflection, re-integration within the self after a shattering or emotionally harrowing experience, and peer-to-peer support. The experiences within Sanctuary are personal, specific, and subjective. Thus, it can be a complicated place to work - preparing and managing space for the participants most in need of emotional shelter can be intense work.

This is a space which we hope that no one has to use but, we will rather be very glad for it to exist, in case someone really needs it :slight_smile:

Our first tasks to make Sanctuary a reality here are -

  • Create info doc that all Sanctuarians must know - This is a document containing all relevant information on how a sancturian must approach and deal with a certain situation happening to a burner, such as to provide the most effective support
  • Create an ideas sheet for the sanctuary - What do we want to do in sanctuary and stuff we need for creating a good experience
  • Create the Budget for Sanctuary - with all specific line items such as mattresses, pillows, etc.
  • Create a First Aid Kit list
  • Prepare a shift schedule


Thanks for doing this Molly & Nitin!

Not sure if you already have this one or know about it, but Zendo Project (I’d say it’s a Burning Man close equivalent of the Sanctuary) have a training manual for members that might be useful:

Hey @CheesyG -
thanks for the support man! :slight_smile:
We have already been working on creating a detailed info doc/training manual similar to this one. We had to research a lot on the internet until now on different festivals, found some other docs too but this manual will definitely reduce the work load so we can put our energies in other things. Thanks for that :smiley:

Feel free to keep contributing to this forum in future! Counting on you :smiley:

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I found some material from the Borderland forum (what to do in the case of sexual assault), and I put them in the consent folder :slight_smile:

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You are awesome!! :orange_heart: