Router table is UP but there's some issues

Olle and I setup the router table a week ago or so:

Some things to note:

  1. The table is generic and isn’t super compatible with the Bosch router. This means that changing the router bit is quite difficult. There’s a certain angle from behind the table where Olle was able to get a open-ended wrench in and hold down the button to keep the axel from turning, but it’s hard:

  1. The front part of the table doesn’t match the height of the back of the table. Olle, did you get any response from them about this issue? We might be able to improve this by removing some washers, but returning the table (if it’s possible) might make more sense, given the number of issues…

  1. The router is held onto the table with a bunch of clamps. It’s quite a pain to align things (thanks Olle!) so hopefully it’ll be rare that we need to disconnect it.

  1. The router bit can’t be raised much, so ideally you use a bit with a long shank or otherwise don’t put the bit all the way in.

  1. The vacuum tube is taped on – we couldn’t find the right adapter:

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Thanks for all the work!

This is a bit shit. Let’s try to return it to DUAB-huset based on the whole thing not being properly aligned/flat. It’s a 3600 kr investment.

There are Bosch router tables but a quick googling reveals that they are only available on the North American markets which is surprising. Seems like Festool and generic brands reign supreme here.

They are quick cheap in the U.S. though (between 130-190 dollars) but the transport alone would add 250 dollars (Amazon) unless we could transport it ourselves someone with a Tau member visiting the states or something. They seem to be quite light-weight so it wouldn’t necessarily be a massive PITA to do so (unlike transporting the router table we have now which is very, very heavy).

Yeah and also the screw for the left fence is kinda stuck and wont move without using tools. So its a mess to calibrate and feels a bit wobbly generally. Feels like a budget table.

Just one safety thing if someone is going to use the current router table. Under 4 above it says you shouldn’t put the router bit all the way in if it doesn’t have a long shank. Follow this advise ONLY if you are 100% sure of what you are doing. There are dual locking mechanisms inside the router chuck, and they engage at different depth, so you must make sure the shank is sufficiently inserted.
And I urge every beginner to ask someone knowledgeable for a crash course before using the router table at all. The bit is rotating at some 25000 rpm, so you don’t want to mess around or do trial n error here. :v:


I’ve done some research yesterday and today:

Our router model: GOF 1600 CE (called MRC23EVSK in the U.S.)

Bosch do have router tables but they are only sold in North American markets. We could of course import and pay around 250 dollars in transport fees.

One interesting option that seems to be very highly recommended by almost all buyers is to instead go for a combo system from INCRA. Here’s an example (UK shop):

This looks like it would be compatible with our existing table saw. So basically we would insert our table saw into this new rig which also includes a router table on the side. What do you think of that setup @Jomi ?

From the reviews it seems to be an extremely reliable, easy to use and precise system. Pricey though and comes with a 16 week delivery time due to “unprecedented demand”.

Here’s a direct link to the manufacturer:

It’s pretty pricey so we would have to fundraise to make this purchase down the line.

We had a Incra at KKV Göteborg. Really nice piece of machine!

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I added the dust connection sprout and flipped the direction of the machine. It is now both easier and more difficult to change router bit. I also changed to the larger version of the housing, since the the dust extraction sprout did not fit in the smaller one. Dust extraction is now much more efficient. Made markings on the underside of the table so that if the router housing is removed, it will be “easy” to place it back into center.

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Thanks Olle!

This is the part we need to adjust for the height difference:

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I’m going to contact them shortly to see about returning the table. IMHO given the number of issues it has we should do that if possible.

So let’s hold off on buying the part until we see what the return options look like…

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I wonder if it’s better that I contact them given that I was the one placing the original order. Also they might be uncomfortable speaking English (you never know).

An alternative would be @Jomi doing the talking since he both knows Swedish and has real experience working with routers (unlike me). He could probably be more convincing as to why it’s not good enough for us.

I’d very much prefer not to do it! Hampus or Jomi or Olle, please go for it!

The issues that I can remember that are relevant to wanting to return it are:

  1. Table isn’t flat between the front and back
  2. Turning one of the adjustment handles is very hard – something wrong with that
  3. The guides bend towards the routing bit if a little pressure is applied which makes the table imprecise.

The other issues I listed originally are either fixable or otherwise not something we can hold them responsible for.

Generally, the table seems to not be designed/constructed to be high quality.


I’ll do it. @hampus, would you send me the contact information?

Contact information available on the website – here’s the product page:

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Thanks Olle and everyone else who put in some time to this!

When done, can someone give me a short introduction on the mashine?
I do not doubt that i can figure it out, but i prefer if someone shows me the basics?

I would like to build some frames to my artwork.

/Mikael Lekström

@Lekonst I gladly do it once we have a new one. I strongly advise against using the present one.


I’ll mail you the original order/email Jomi.

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Thanks Jomi. Yes no stress for me. Good Luck!

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