Restocking and buying some new equipment for Tau [WIKI]

There’s a need to restock on some items for Tau, mainly in the woodshop so far but could also include other rooms of course.

What we know we need to buy:

Wishlist from Ollxor, does not need to be these exact brands & such.

Additional Vacuum cleaner - this or the smaller model or similar:

2 wire strippers:

Assorted medium to good quality pliers:

1 of these power cutters:,-200-mm/p/30-4490

2 of these:

Please add any additional missing items here and I will include it in the order. Deadline around lunch Wed 29/1.

New toner to the printer has been bought and received already. It’s placed in the printer room next to the printer so that it can be installed once the existing one is all out.

@dsandber @Simon @Vinnss @Nicke @Frida_Simon @Lekonst @Joannis-Magnus @spargeltarzan @asapienza @Thedodod, i could mention max 10 ppl here so i removed myself and linnea from the mentions /olle


Random sizes of screw-drivers, sandpaper, calipers.

I bought replacement blades for the electric planar.

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Have you checked the box with sandpapers? We have quite a large collection there of different types. And are you talking about sandpaper for manual use or machine?

I had a caliper last year… Should be around somewhere. I also think there is one in the Electronics room. @jonasjohansson

Since there’s probably limited use for most people, I can pay for the saw blade for aluminum. Don’t think we need the “professional” version though.

Perhaps @dsandber already bought those extra router bits for the Shaper? Otherwise, DUAB has some reasonably priced carbide-tipped ones, e.g.

The Kärcher shop vacuum in the container would need bags as well. If it can be run without bags, we can try that of course; it looks to me though like that would clog up the exhaust air filter rather quickly - don’t know.

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Ahhh… I VANT!!!

Imagine having a complete setup of all these tools, each with their carved out little place in this so that there would no longer be any excuse for not returning a tool to their obvious place. Ordnung… :slight_smile:

“Only” 42 KSEK.

Have added this to the cart now:

The painters bought some bags for it during the painting operation for the green room. Not sure where they are now, will look around a bit.

Re: sandpaper, I will look soon, it could be there is more there than I saw at a quick glance.

Re: screwdrivers, that seems expensive. Can’t we get like a 200 SEK kit at Biltema of cheap ones? I can go sometime…

Re: bits, I bought some extra ones in the original order of the Shaper Origin. The rest of the ones I’ve been buying were personal purchases. Happy to lend them out, but they won’t be in the toolroom.

The two links for router bits that were posted look great – please get those!!

I’ll look for the calipers in the electronic room sometime today and tell you if I find them.

Calipers should be in the metallic drawers @dsandber.

If we invest in storage, let’s look at Sortimo, Festool, Systainer etc. :slight_smile: Portable stuff.

Plastic electrician tape is almost gone! Lets buy ”real electricians tape” for the electric room. And then buy the cheap plastic one for cables and stuff and keep it separate! It is not wise wasting expensive S classed tape for rolling cables! Plus the cheap one is easy to remove, expensive sticks on cables. The red/black from biltema is nice (preferably red so we can se it) ola from Eventopia had a nice soft lilac tape for cables that is easy to just remove i will check where he buys it.
PS: bought huge amounts of tape already gone will buy more but keep mine separate for my cables.

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Ahhh… I VANT!!! … “Only” 42 KSEK.

this sounds like a task for @elch and his black magic blocket skillz :wink:

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Drills for wood?
Blades for sticksåg ?
Disks for angle grinder ?
Soldering material?
Hålsåg- set

Is there a list what we need ? ill check the action site and actually LIDL has often decent tools for cheap.

Is that really equivalent to what I linked to though? Assuming you’re referencing the Bahco toolbox. Bahco is considered a premium toolmaker and this is “complete” setup of 556 tools with tool specific storage in the different drawers. We can’t afford to buy it anyway at the moment so it’s pretty theoretical still.

In terms of storage systems similar to what you mention (Festool and Sortimo) we’re using the Blue Bosch series called L BOXX and i-BOXX. It’s actually the result of a collaboration/partnership between Bosch and Sortimo and the two systems are very similar and compatible for the most part. Read more here.

We have one of these already:

It fits boxes like this (more or less identical to the Sortimos you have in the Electronic room) and open boxes like this.

What I want to complement it with now is this trolley to make the whole stack super mobile.

I made the original post a WIKI so we can all stuff directly into it. When adding something mark it with your name.

The list is what we’re creating now in this very thread. :slight_smile:

  • Great, had forgotten about the drills. We really need good sets of drills.

  • We should have some grinding discs of different kinds left but can add some more.

  • Hålsåg-set we def. need but they are sometimes really cheaply available at Lidl like @elch mentioned. Do you have one already out in your container Tobi?

  • Blades for the jigsaw we do have some more, but I can add a few since it’s a popular tool.

  • Not sure about soldering material, @jonasjohansson should know what the status is.

  • We have at least one Dremel already in the woodshop. Maybe more.

There’s plenty left actually, at least the red variety. It was in the top drawer but I put it up on the wall now.

Bah, I forgot to check on the sandpaper + caliper situation before I left. Fine w/me to assume we’re ok w/them.