RESIN PRINTER FOR FREE but not really because its broken

Hey, I just heard from my friend that sold me a broken Duplicator 7 that he wants to give me his other D7 that works because he feels bad or something… (and also because hes buying a new one) so that leaves me with a Duplicator 7 with two different LCDs where I cant get either to work. Might just be that it needs a new LCD control card. Anyone who wants to take care of the baby? Maybe it can be fixed and donated to Tau/blivande?


@Ollxor @Joannis-Magnus @hampus @hugi @DavidGiertta @BjornAlbihn

I have no experience in resin printers (only FDM). But I’m interested in helping out to just repair it (if I can). I think earliest I can spend time on it is in late January though.

I’ve heard they are rather tricky to work with and the material is expensive. The use cases where you want a resin printer and not FDM is also for a makerspace relatively few. So having one at Blivande is to me one of those CoolThingsToHaveButDoesntSeeMuchUse.

My cents are that If there is a champion for this printer I think it’s great if it can be shared at Blivande - but if there isn’t one I think it’s actually better that it goes to someone who will use it a lot. :slight_smile:


Im fine with either! :slight_smile:

Will try to help out if a can, as björn says a resin printer might not be used as much as a normal filament printer in simple maker situations, but! If we get the foundery it is the best source for creating investment casting models as they are extremely smooth.