Realties Suggestions Of Features

A thread for suggestions while working/filling up realities for BL and Blivande.

Not sure if it is implementable, but it would be useful to have the possibility to have several realities pages for one organisation (for example if you have international gatherings, that have different people on the different needs).

This could be just a menu to navigate between the different subproject of the same organisation.

Several different realties-pages would work, too of course… not as smooth though.

Hej Plato-Team,

We were talking on a BL board meeting today, and I realized that the feature of realities to have only one realizer, works inherently against the Microsolidarity idea of building non-hirachical working crews. Would it be to difficult to include the possibility of adding more than one email address in the Realizer and Guide Field? (Maybe even the possibility to add what the person does for the need/responsiblity --> eg. Mostly building, Contact Point).

I think that would be helpful for crews and to put pressure out of a contact point.

Yes, this is on the roadmap! We also think it’s a priority. Ping @JacobKarlsson