Projekt help needed - carpentry/woodwork and maybe transport - paid



I got an order for a two layered “breaking down the Berlin wall” themed art piece to be hacked to pieces during the exhibition in Berlin on the 5th of July.

Since the time is very short now it would be great to get some help with the wood construction needed (maybe 5 hours? As soon as possible, once the materials arrive) as well as with a run to Bauhaus or similar to get some materials if someone has a large delivery bus/car (otherwise I will have it delivered by Bauhaus).

Since this is a paid job I am happy to pay forward the rate I am taking for this of about 300 SEK per hour for your help.

Who has time and interest to build something with me? :slight_smile:


Didn’t see this until now. Still in need of extra people? I can help you find some.


i didn’t notice the post either, how is it going, have you aquried the materials yet, need help?



Hej! Thank you so much for offering help. And sorry for the late reply. But at that point, I was already fully emersed in the project and due to the bank holyday my partner was able to help me Thursday and Friday. Got everything done in time and came back from the delivery of the project in Berlin this week.

Let’s see when the next project comes around! :slight_smile:

Have a great day,