Processing Community Day

Last year I organised Processing Community Day in Stockholm:

This year I plan to do the same. I was encouraged by @ubbesen to do it at Blivande, which I think, is a great idea.

The window is sort of Jan 15 - Feb 15, so somewhere around then would be cool. And I am thinking a full day of Processing, generative art, Javascript and more. Maybe there are other JS-people in the house, or creative coding etc.

a) Who would be up to do this?

b) What dates during that period works well? Preferably a Saturday. @hampus @Linnea?


Sorry for the late reply!

I think this sounds wonderful and I’ve held the date of Feb 15 for you so that other events wouldn’t knick it. Would you like to make it happen then?

I’m available as support in organizing it. I wonder if maybe Matthias from Beta (Fun fun functions) would be interested to be part of it? I can connect you two.

The available Satursdays during that timeframe are Feb 1st and Feb 15th.

Fantastic, I’ve met Mathias but we are not connected on this forum nor on other media.

I have a co-host as well in Half Scheidl who runs the Creative Coding Meetup, and would love to have someone from “within” Blivande, in addition to you.

I am, however, mega experienced in facilitating this type of day, so not worried about managing it — but always on the lookout to see if we can explore the core of PCD and make i more accessible, fun and exciting.

PCD is also about diversity, and lowering the thresholds of code and digital art. Blivande feels like a natural place, just as Beckmans did last year.

What I would like to teach is a full day Generative Graphics course, 3 hours learning the basics, and then 3 hours applying these skills looking at abstract at, generative design etc.

We have a page about it here: with the “curriculum”.

Please pin the date, it’s one where we need everyone to be able to follow instructions on a screen! I will also make a Facebook event via the Blivande Facebook page, anything I need to know in order to do that?

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I would love to! It’s just that I’m quite over-committed as it is. But count on me for something, though I can’t promise what or how much. :slight_smile:

So, do you think I should create a personal event with Blivande as venue, or should I create it from the Blivande Facebook page?

I think the latter is cooler, with me and others as hosts.

Do I need to become an admin or similar to do that?

Seeing that you might be creating more events and courses in the future, I’ve given you access to the FB page. Create it from there if you want. :slight_smile:

Just to be perfectly clear it’s Saturday Feb 15/2 that you want? How late into the evening do you plan to use the downstairs spaces (just so that I know whether we could also book in a party for Sat night or not).

Feb 15, 10-17


It says in the event that it goes on until 17.00 on Sunday the 16th. So it’s a two day event?

Would it be possible to also run an art exhibition with opening party on the evening of the 15th?

Fixed! I mean, it should only be Saturday. And all is possible, let’s do an art expo! :smiley:

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@Linnea is talking with an old artist friend of hers and she hasn’t been aware of this event until earlier today. The exhibition would run from 13 or so assuming you would be OK with it co-existing.

It wouldn’t be a problem to for example dedicate Kyrkan to the Processing Community Day. That way you have the projector with big screen already set up and the old oven to be used for snacks and drinks etc. It’s a good setup, in a light room that doesn’t make people too sleepy.

You can of course also run everything, or some parts, up in the Blue room if you want. Should be empty on a Saturday. We can easily move the mobile 55" TV up there for when you present.

How many participants is your limit?

Kyrkan will be great!

14 seats w. computers!

Do you already have a Google Cal setup where rooms can be booked? That way it would not be possible to miss if someone has planned an event etc.

We use the SMPL calendar (our membership system). But it’s really crappy. Will switch to another system shortly.

So each computer/person also needs table space?

Do you have some system set up now that it’s fully booked? How do you confirm participation? There’s a lot of interest! I’ve had 3-4 people right on FB and ask about being placed on a waiting list.

Yes, this event: which you are a co-host to has all that information. Click the tab “Guests” in the top, next to Event.


In case it is not visible for you, there are 16 confirmed seats.

Each person need a seat, and I am thinking that we should maybe be in the dining area instead? It’s much larger and we can project on the wall above the sofa.

Since there’s so much interest, I could be tempted to doing it 2 days in a row, but more likely, is that we would do a second one at a later date. Don’t want to burn up too fast.

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Works for me, great lineup!

Dining area can work, but will negate the possibility of another event taking place simultaneously. But I think that’s what we’re going for anyway. Talking with the artist about moving the exhibition to another date.

I think doing it again at another date is a much better idea than two days in a row! For many different reasons.

Great. I’d love for us to do more workshops of this kind, so let’s see use this opportunity as a great prototype! And agree on choosing a separate date instead of two days.