Price model for festival

Great summary dear Hugi.

I have only voted for May 28th at 19 because that is the only option where Linnéa and I could possibly attend a meeting in person. I can however make myself available on Zoom on all other times listed.

One system (which was also planned for Output Festival at the same location) is to sell both daytime and nighttime tickets in a ratio that is adapted to the 300-bottleneck. The main difference here being that Output was a 1 day festival.

The date range mentioned above (25th-31st) covers 6 days but up until now we’ve always talked about 3 days. This merits further discussion/clarification. Financially it makes sense to make the festival longer of course and I personally prefer that as well. Allows for more depth and less FOMO. It also builds on Urban Burn which many community members are used to.

My initial (off the top of my head) suggestion for ticket types and tiers, based on a 6-day festival:


A. Day ticket (6 days): 1500 units à 999 kr.

B. Day+Night ticket (6 days): 350 units à 1499 kr. [sold out = 525 000 SEK income]

NIGHTTIME TICKETS (shared pool with D+N-tickets [B] above)

C. Nighttime ticket Tue (1 day): 325 units à 150 kr.
D. Nighttime ticket Wed (1 day): 325 units à 200 kr.
E. Nighttime ticket Thu (1 day): 325 units à 150 kr.
F. Nighttime ticket Fri (1 day): 325 units à 300 kr. [international act]
G. Nighttime ticket Sat (1 day): 325 units à 300 kr. [international act]
H. Nighttime ticket Sun (1 day): 325 units à 150 kr.

  • All C/D/E/F/G/H tickets are released only after a certain date (maybe late July?) and in sync with the B ticket category/pool so as to avoid breaking fire regulations.

    • Individual nights they can also be sold at the door based on actual no-show rate of B-category ticket holders. Decision made by guards.

I was wondering if we should include student tickets?

But maybe the single day tickets make that less necessary.

However, the full price for the festival is too much for students I think.

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Yes, I absolutely think we should include a student ticket tier!

My hunch would be something like getting the B category ticket (day+night) for 999 SEK rather than 1499 SEK. A-ticket lowered to maybe 666 SEK?

What would you suggest it costs? Should we cap it to a quota (first come, first serve)? Require student ID at check-in?

In 2006 I paid around 1200 SEK for the Roskilde Festival, and saw Bob Dylan, Guns and Roses, Jay-Z, Tool, Morrissey, Arctic Monkeys, heck, even Kanye West and The Streets. With that said, I am curious what we would provide for 1500 SEK.

I’ve been trying to get my students to go to Gather and Nordic, but unless it’s basically Free - there’s very little excitement. I even have a hard time seeing anyone paying more than 400 SEK.

The trick would be to build in their involvement in the event, so they share it with friends and we have second-hand promotion.

My initial idea for a price point was:

  • 500 for Node members (approx. 200 tickets)
  • 600 for Early Bird (approx. 300 tickets)
  • 700 standard (approx. 300 tickets)

That’s 490.000 SEK.

As for the dates, the idea is that this is including build and strike.

Well, I personally wouldn’t go and see those bands even if someone paid me 1200 SEK. Even less so standing knee deep in mud on a field outside of Roskilde (I also went there in 2003 - a complete waste of time). And 2006 was 14 years ago. :slight_smile:

(OK, maybe The Streets then. And Guns and Roses, but only on the condition that it also included time travel to the early 90’s. And if we’re already doing time travel I would have agreed to also attend a Bob Dylan concert in the 60’s)

We have in the past managed to get people to see the value in paying for example around 1000 kr to go to Tivedstorp for 4 days and attend Afterglow. Or +600 kr to attend Urban Burn for 2-5 days. With zero artists on the non-existent lineup. A sense of purposeful enjoyment in the company of nice people is what I guess it all boils down to.

But I do agree 1499 is really pushing our luck. But then we have to figure out how to make up for the difference if we are to land anywhere near 500 KSEK at the end of it all. Getting an alcohol license seems unavoidable. Or selling 800 tickets at a cheaper price as Hugi is now suggesting. I really don’t know whether it will be harder for us to sell 800 tickets at 5-700 kr or 350 tickets at 1499. To me it’s an open question. Providing a genuine sense of community and co-creative inclusion will certainly be more of a challenge with 800 rather than 350.

Ping @hampus see my post above.

As for the evening slots for the party in the house, we could maybe solve that as you’ve suggested with buying them as add-ons. For example:

Standard ticket:

  • 400 for Node members (approx. 200 tickets)
  • 500 for Early Bird (approx. 300 tickets)
  • 600 standard (approx. 300 tickets)

Evening after-party add-on:

  • +150 SEK, getting you entry to the Blivande evening party on Friday or Saturday night, and you need to pick which one when you buy the ticket. This means that only 600 out of the 800 above will get tickets to the after-party, but maybe that’s alright.

That setup also brings an income of 500.000 SEK.

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We’re going to have to sell a lot of alcohol I think.

I sense a tug of war between the need to sell alcohol and many tickets over the sort of Blivande co-creation membership light type of thing that we have been discussing previously. Which would naturally cost a lot more (you get what you pay for ultimately).
How can we meaningfully provide courses, opportunities for genuine learning and chance at getting into a community and so on to these numbers/masses? 800 is a lot of
people. I’m very open to trying it, just want to point out that I think it’s two different things that might not be that easy to combine. We’re great at festivals so we can pull that off too no problem.

Should be at least 200. 150 is what a standard Stockholm rave costs. I would like to book some really good international acts.

I’m not sure why? For income? Is it because you don’t think we will be able to get to 800?

I’m thinking that in reality, only a fraction of the people who buy the tickets would use that opportunity. We will make it clear that you need to sign up for the courses proactively and that you are given priority if you are working on a project on the Dreams platform for Frihamnstorget.

True, but this is 150 SEK + the 500-700 you will already have paid for your festival ticket. Only AB-festival ticket-holders can buy the party ticket. That said, I don’t think 150 or 200 make much of a difference for the willingness to buy the ticket.

Ping @hampus and @jonasjohansson, I move the conversation here.

Ah, I copy/pasted from Wikipedia. But I made my point I think :slight_smile: I did see a fave band of mine at the time, Press Play On Tape.

Yes. But it’s a lot of speculation and guesswork waving a wet finger in the air. Maybe I’m overly pessimistic. My reasoning would be that we have a minority of people that know us and see the potential of the thing we want to create. The choir so to speak. A bunch of Borderlings, Node members and so on. The usual suspects. They would amount to a couple of hundred people and would be willing to pay a lot (hence my high figures). Especially this year with all burns cancelled and so on.

Then it’s the others who have never heard about Frihamnstorget and the rest. They would be skeptical of the unknown (or the unhyped I should say) in a typical Stockholmian fashion and might not go for it even at the lower price range without a great deal of marketing efforts. I guess we’ll do another original Urban Burn super push…

Another worry is that people will decide really late (so much uncertainty already, not even knowing whether the festival will take place to begin with), hence restricting the early liquidity available for art projects, leading to a negative feedback loop between the quality and scope of the artworks and sales/interest (and final outcome).

But I’m tired now and should just go to sleep instead.

Yes, this is what I think we should aim for. Go back into our 2016 gear and hype the shit out of this thing. :slight_smile:

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  • I think early bird price should be a lot cheaper relatively speaking than a mere 100 kr. Early co-funding of this should be amply rewarded.

  • I think 6 days won’t be enough if it’s to include build and so on. Of course depending on what is to be included in “build” and not. We’re supposed to already be in a very long and drawn out build period (that started last summer).

  • It’s easier to charge more for more event days, even if most people won’t attend all of them (just like with Urban Burn).

I was thinking that we might both have a the very drawn out summer build, and a shorter build that gradually fades into the event. At the later build we could have DJs playing, beer on tap, and have it be more focused on art and “lighter” build? For most participants, this would be the build they engage with.

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Yes, but I would rather see a one week soft/artsy build and a ~5 day event. Even with a 3 day event a one week build is better to make it all less stressed.

I think that is overestimating people’s availability. For people day jobs, which is most people, only the weekend will be available. This will at the earliest be in August, when people have already finished their vacations.

How so? Build isn’t mandatory for anyone.

This is what I think is overestimating people’s availability. I think the event, in our outward communications, should at most be Friday to Sunday.