Preparing a Dream launch

Thursday during the Blivande festival meeting:

  • Timeline for the process
    • Deadline
    • Date when granting begins
    • Date when granting ends
    • Prefunding big trusted projects before granting ends

Make breakout groups:

  • Communication for the event (Facebook, copy graphics). Writing event description.
  • Budget for the festival
    • Tickets: Discounts, early birds, etc>
  • Funding Guidelines for Dream grants
  • Fleshing out and writing step by step guide for how to set up dreams.
  • What spaces are available for people to use/plan in and how those are allocated/coordinated

Make breakout groups:

  • Communication for the event (Facebook, copy graphics).
  • Budget for the festival
    • Tickets: Discounts, early birds, etc>
  • Funding Guidelines for Dream grants (@MariaEuler could try to “guide” that ;)) (big group)
  • What spaces are available for people to use/plan in and how those are allocated/coordinated

event = fund = x

  • what criteria needs your project to fulfil? (safety, permanent contribution, sustainability,…) (Will be defined on an organisational level, and can be picked and chosen for each event)

  • for now just one text box with the guidelines just for the frihamnstogets festival event:

Issues to discuss on Thursday for the Festival grant guidelines:

Guideline guidelines:

  • We are giving people free money, how do we onboard them to this?

  • Ownership! Things that are proposed to become a permanent part of Frihamnstorget has to be vetted by the existing projects at Frihamnstorget.

    • How do we make decisions on new projects?
    • How do we avoid people being suspicious of an AB giving out free stuff?
    • This is a different kind of festival.
    • Where is the money coming from?
    • Who owns the projects after?
  • Guideline on how to "onboard new projects permanent members/crews? What does “ownership” mean to us? Things that are proposed to become a permanent part of Frihamnstorget has to be vetted by the existing projects at Frihamnstorget.

    • How do we make decisions on new projects?
    • “Soft Veto” rights of existing projects? (find another way to say this)
  • Don’t be an asshat: e.g. Don’t do anything that forces us to make more rules in the future.

  • What are dreamers allowed to seek money for? Restricted items etc. (provide models)

    • Do we fund salaries? Examples:
        1. 20% of your requested budget can be allocated to salaries. (20% of the budget you request from the dreams platform)
        1. 5000 SEK max. For salary for one person during a specified time.
        1. No salaries. All work is pro bono. Salaries can still be funded from outside project funding.
        1. No limits on budgeting for salaries.
    • These guidelines have to be very simple.
  • Can dreamers be paid up front? In negotiation with the community.

    • Allow all payments upfront.
    • Allow no payments upfront
    • Allow some payments upfront (how to choose? Committee? contract needed?)
    • Everyone that gets paid will submit an invoice to Blivande. >> find some company or service to invoice through. VAT included in budgets.
    • Does each invoice need to include all receipts so we know the dreamer have followed their budget?
  • Have a working plan and team for constructing the project.

    • What are the requirements?
    • Describe your crew!
    • (Should you be able to search for crew members?) (will be discussed in a different place)
  • Have a contingency plan for your project after the project.

    • What are the requirements?
  • “Unnecessary Material”

    • What do we already have?
    • What is reasonable?
    • Inlcude link to borderland guidelines
  • How to comment and give feedback on dreams? ((box-ticking?) Make your own first comment specifying for which type of feedback you are looking) (put that into the description)

    • By putting a dream on the platform you agree to receive feedback on it.
    • Dreamers decide themselves what feedback they seek, they define this in their first comment.
    • In your first comment: What type of feedback are you looking for? What crewmembers are you looking for? What other contributions are you looking for?
  • What language is the dreams platform in?

    • Simple english. Dreamers can request translation help on discourse.

Important features that will be added:

  • Budget will be calculated by the budget items.
  • There will be an option into the budget of already acquired funding and self-funding


  • Find crewmembers!

Notes for us:

Clear guidelines on how to get reimbursed. VAT to budgets etc.


thats happning maybe already next monday in the plato meeting

Some comments from mine, @hugi and @gustav meeting from earlier today:

Questions to discuss on thursday:

  • How much does a dreamer get if they don’t reach full funding? If I only get 80% of my minimum, do I still get a chance to do my project? If I get only 20%? What’s the treshold?

  • Entitlement is an issue with permanence. Creators that have been around for a long time feel entitled to more resources, and they also are, in a sense, as the key people are necessary for the project to work. At the same time this can deter new members and create a sour process. How does e.g. institute for x do this?

Other things we talked about
Dreamers need to be able to already aqcuired funding, grants and self-funding to their budgets, so the budget shows the whole project and not only what they seek funding for.

We make the max/min budget an option, that the event owner can change. If it’s off it’s just a min budget option, and the dreamer cannot be allocated more money than they seek. We will go with this last option for Frihamnstorgsfestivalen.

In the future we will implement flags for budget depending on if they meet the guidelines or not. Say e.g. we have a limit of 20% of the budget for salaries, if a dreamer allocates more than that they should receive a message stating “You are currently breaking the rules - do you wish to proceed?”

We don’t want to add hard rules, this is grayscale bureacracy, or a Swedish take on the blockchain, bringing in the human factor in digital processes.

Some I points like to have touched upon are:

  • The dates of the festival
  • The schedule for Work is play workshops
  • How to assign and budget “(container)space” for festival “participants” >> How much space is left? (see abouve)
  • Price Models for the tickets
  • Already planned gigs, projects, events for the festival
  • Can people “earn money” during the festival e.g. can people come with foodtrucks? Can people put a charge for workshop facilitation into the dream?
  • Do we have a “target audience” (or different ones on different days?

My impression from talking to Mads is that process is fairly fluid. There’s a monthly “ting”/gathering for discussions and decisions. But Mads holds the veto and is the ultimate decisionmaker and curator. Increasingly Vivianne is stepping up as his main partner in steering the ship. But again this is from memory and I could be wrong. I can ask him again about the governance model.

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@jakobskote could you send me that link to the unnecessary material part of the borderland guidelines you mentioned?

@MariaEuler here you are!

§ 4 Unnecessary material

  • Only budget for stuff you really need to realise your dream. This is no magic money tree, the idea is that the dream grant system is there to help you realise what you wish to gift to the community.
  • Make it obviously clear in the description of your project why you need the items you budget for. Is your dream a pillow fort? Don’t budget for massive lasers.
  • We’re a community of artists and makers, and a lot of things can be sourced among us. If your dream need budget for prefabricating large wooden components for a hefty sum at a factory, this could most certainly be sorted within the community. Ask the NERDS if you’re unsure!
  • Please only budget for edible things if it’s a crucial part of your dream and you cannot afford to do it without funding. In general, we want to fund edibles because we believe everything can be art, but it’s not feasible if every damn chill space budgets for fruits and cakes and what not.

Is your dream a wooden sculpture of your own face? (awesome, do this!) Then don’t budget for cake to give out when you open it (instead gift cake bought with your own money.)

Bad examples: Expensive party tent for a one time workshop (find another space to host the workshop). A new miter saw for a small wooden sculpture (just borrow one from someone else). A chillout space budgetting for fruit as a nice to have.
Good example: An intergalactic pillow fort that budgets for pillows And for massive lasers to fight off evil space goats. The Tarot Pizza Oven - Read your future in a delicious pizza. Workshop on exploring the diverse food cultures of our community. See live wolves eat a whole cow!