Preliminary reports/notes from the ethno-coding

In this thread, I am collecting notes, insights etc. coming up during the ethno-coding.

Feel free to comment.

  1. The threads in the forum with the most replies are those which are about purchasing new equipment for the house/setting up new workshop spaces.
  2. People often refere to experts they know personally for opinions on what to purchase.
  3. The question is often between a professional expensive tool and a cheap beginner tool. We mostly went for the professional tools, often with special deals or second hand as it would give more opportunities, however, now experience shows that many of those professional tools have a higher use barrier for beginners and are therefore seldomly used. Insight: We have to get better at writing guide/organising regular inductions/or buy tools with the main focus on easy usability.
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Note: Change in tone and motivation is happening over time. how can we track that?