Potential new member for Beta

A friend of mine, Anders, is interested in joining Blivande and Beta :slight_smile:
He is a graphic designer, illustrator and animator i got to know at Hyper Island.

I thought of bringing him next Friday, 18th september, and would like to know if maybe one of you (or someone else) is there to give him a little tour with some more detailed information about the co-working space?

@hugi @kimgajraj @hampus


Great news! I’m unfortunately not available on the 18th, but let’s hope @hampus, @Linnea, @Sero or @kimgajraj could be

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I can be there to show him around. Give him my email snd number: hampus@blivande.com 0736564421

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awesome! I sent him your contact details.
Will join you both and stay for work & play probably!

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